There is no collusion, there is no collusion, there is no collusion. Maybe not, but there's plenty of conspiracy

There is no collusion, there is no collusion, there is no collusion.  Maybe not, but there's plenty of conspiracy

The following was previously published.  It’s a little cheesy re-posting it, but not nearly as cheesy as Donald Trump’s constant refrain of, “No collusion, no collusion, no collusion.” 

For every ten times Dishonest Don says, “No collusion,” someone needs to stand up and say, “But your son says you get all your money from Russia and everyone you know had contacts with Russia and lied about it.” 

Sadly, that could be a full time job.  Anyway, here’s what we wrote back in January: 

Dishonest Don can say, “There is no collusion” as many times as he wants, but it doesn’t make it any more true. It only makes it that much less believable.

How many times has he said, “I’m like, really smart” when all evidence points only to staggering and disturbing ignorance?

If you agree with the President’s self-assessment as a “stable genius,” then you might be “like, really smart” too.

How, you may ask has one morally bankrupt person been able to reduce what was once the greatest nation on Earth to a “shithole country?”  Referring to other nations as “shithole countries” is one way to do it.

Is there collusion? Does it really matter?

The fact is, there’s plenty of collusion. President Shithole was aware of it, but not necessarily a part of it.  It’s likely that he was used as a pawn because he’s too dumb to be an operative.

The players are all around him though, some of whom have already been indicted or taken a plea. These are the fine folks who had significant contact with Russia and then lied about it.

For his part, Trump knows Putin has the goods on him, which is why he is so quick to attack anyone and everyone except Putin.  What happened to Trump’s debt and who owns it?

Collusion isn’t even a crime, at least not one with which anyone could be charged in a federal indictment. Obstruction of justice is and so is money laundering.

For his part, Don did plenty of obstructing.  Firing James Comey is the tip of the iceberg.   Pressuring Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself is just below the surface.

More than one hundred interviews have been conducted by the deep sea divers of the Mueller team.

If you’re inclined to believe Dishonest Don when he says that they have found no collusion, then you are not paying attention.  There is a very intense and focused investigation going on and those in the know have not yet published their findings.

Unlike the White House, there are no leaks in the Mueller investigation.  They are impartial and thorough investigators who are pursuing the evidence where it leads them.

As they always liked to say on Law & Order, “Follow the money.”

The President of the United States should be encouraging any investigation which could uncover the ways that our election process was breached so that such actions could be prevented in the future.

Why would anyone charged with defending the Constitution and pledging to safeguard America be so willing to dismiss such a serious and massive attack on America?

This is a modern day, digital version of Pearl Harbor and that is not hyperbole.

There may be no collusion, but there is plenty of criminality. The greatest crime of all may be conspiring with an enemy of America to undermine the democratic principles at her core.

Is it coincidental that Trump and Putin have the exact same disdain for the press and want to crush anyone speaking out against them?

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