Five Reasons Why President Bone Spurs Should Stop Shooting his Mouth off about Guns

Five Reasons Why President Bone Spurs Should Stop Shooting his Mouth off about Guns

There’s a thousand reasons President Know Nothing should keep his mouth shut, but that doesn’t seem to curtail his constant dog and pony show.

He feels obligated to comment on everything from football to the careers of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alec Baldwin and Oprah Winfrey.  When it comes to anything of substance though, Dishonest Don is woefully uninformed.

Donald Trump is as uniquely unqualified to talk about guns as most of his cabinet members are unqualified to talk about their departments.  Betsy DeVos? Ben Carson?

The Donald has never served his country.  Neither did his sons, Dumb and Dumber.  To say that he is serving his country now would be an insult to anyone who’s every worn the uniform or to people like John McCain, who have served their country all their lives.

The AR-15 is a weapon of war. Being Commander in Chief of the most powerful fighting force in the world does not impart any degree of knowledge to that titular position.

Trump is a puppet of the NRA (and you thought only Vladimir Putin pulled his strings).  The National Rifle Association spent an unprecedented $30 Million getting Trump elected and they are still running the show.

Trump calls the NRA patriots and says they want to help, but why is he even talking about them? What exactly is the President of the United States looking for from an organization whose main objective is to help gun manufacturers sell guns?

Note:  “NRA” in this context refers to its directors, not to its individual members.

Arming teachers, as a matter of policy is a horrendous idea. The vast majority of teachers and school administrators are against it. Some have threatened to quit.

Debra Ciamacca and Anthony Swofford have one thing in common, they were both Marines. Both have said that are not willing to carry guns in their classrooms.  Both disagree with the President and his good buddy and frequent dinner companion, NRA executive Wayne LaPierre.

Not surprisingly, LaPierre’s solution to every problem is more guns.

LaPierre may not get the irony of his proposition that we have armed guards at our banks because we love our money more than we love our children.  LaPierre, whose paycheck depends on easy access to all forms of firearms for everyone.

Most public school teachers in America are barely paid enough to do one job, let alone doubling as security officers. 20,000 teachers in West Virginia recently went on strike just to get a livable wage.

Many of those teachers were working two jobs and a shocking number of them qualified for food stamps. How could they be expected to shoot straight if they’re constantly hungry?

If you’re not shocked by the fact that full time school teachers can qualify for food stamps, you should be.  Teachers are the poster people for pay inequality in America.

In support of my CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) I practice necessary skills for two hours a week. This will hopefully allow my muscle memory to react effectively against a lethal threat without becoming one myself.

And I don’t even have any classes to prepare, papers to grade, essays to read or PTA meetings to attend.

Teachers have enough responsibility without having to worry about shooting the right student at the right time.

The only constant with which we are left is a matter of common sense.  If a teenager can’t buy an AR-15, he can’t use one.

20-year old Adam Lanza killed his mother and used her AR-15 to kill 26 people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.  That might have been a failure of our mental system, but we have done nothing in the aftermath of Sandy Hook.

If we want these shootings to continue, we should continue to do nothing.  If we do something, we have a chance to accomplish something.

If Nikolas Cruz was prevented from buying an AR-15, it might have saved 17 lives.  And that’s not nothing.

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