Is Vashti Brocoli a Russian Troll, a Real Live Deplorable or a 400 Pound Guy in New Jersey?

Is Vashti Brocoli a Russian Troll, a Real Live Deplorable or a 400 Pound Guy in New Jersey?
Is this the face of a troll?

Much of the feedback from my little tirades comes from a group I call the “Whatabouts.” You know the type.

When they’re guilty, they deflect from their crimes with, “What about what (fill in the blank) did?”

For Trumpsters, the response to any of a thousand facts marking him as a liar and a traitor is “What about what Obama did?” or “What about what Hillary did?”

The answer is, “Barack Obama is not the president, neither is Hillary Clinton.”

There’s nothing we can do about whatever it is you think that Obama or Clinton did or did not do.  It is now Donald Trump’s responsibility to stand up to attacks from foreign, hostile nations.

It is up to the law enforcement agencies of the United States to hold Trump to the laws of our nation and it is up to its citizens to speak out against corruption.

I force no one to read my drivel and I encourage all comments and suggestions, which can be challenging.

The name on one email was Vashti Brocoli and the picture above was the avatar.  “Vashti” could be a 400-lb guy in New Jersey, but the avatar strongly suggests troll.  From Vashti:

Stop publishing your bullshit biased against Trump articles. Your Dumb and not for to be a writer.

To be clear, I am not “biased against Trump.” I am disgusted by Trump. I am frustrated by Trump. I am infuriated by Trump.

Saying that I am “biased against Trump” is like saying that Lindsey Vonn is a pretty good skier.

The scariest thing to emerge in the Age of Trump is the notion that negativity about the President is not allowed.  This is something Dishonest Don has fostered with his constant chant of “fake news” and it is something strictly enforced in North Korea.

Trump considers any negative coverage to be fake news, even if it is just his words and video of those words coming out of his mouth.

Trumpsters have latched onto the Donald in a way that makes them resistant to facts.

The more facts the face and the more sinister the crimes exposed, the more they rally around him and strike out at his detractors.

The clumsy language in Vashti’s email seems to reveal a foreign born individual who has no stake in the underlying principles of America.

It’s also possible that the language was deliberately distorted into gibberish.  Saying that I am “not for to be a writer” is meaningless word salad.

Vashti’s second email brought up the Uranium One deal, something about which she clearly gets her information from Fox News.  If you want FACTS about Uranium One, please click HERE.

Vashti doesn’t know that a committee of nine cabinet members (The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States) reviewed the deal and approved it.

The deal was also reviewed by The Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Uranium mined by Uranium One can only be exported to Canada for processing, then returned to American companies for use in power plants.

There is no evidence whatsoever that any contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative influenced energy policy in any way, nor could they have.

There’s no question that main stream media leans toward liberalism.  Journalism is, after all driven by the pursuit of facts and knowledge, two things that have become anathema to one certain party (GOP).

News organizations like CNN and MSNBC may lean left, but there is no news outlet on the left that completely distorts facts and makes up shit to drive its narrative like Fox News.

Vashti is like someone who bought a house sight unseen.

The owner said that it was the best house with the best, driest basement and the newest, strongest roof ever.  “Believe me,” he said.

Well, the basement was flooded and the roof had blown off, but Vashti still thinks it’s the best house.

Whether it’s mass hysteria or a brotherhood of nationalism born of hatred and fear, the Trumpsters are resolute.

The 1st Amendment is first for a reason.  America can exist without guns, but it can not exist without free speech.

Vashti, I defend your right to be ignorant, but you should not abuse that privilege.

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