Guns, Violence and Advertising in the Age of Trumpism, Hate and Fear: Update

Guns, Violence and Advertising in the Age of Trumpism, Hate and Fear: Update

I wrote a piece last month entitled, “Guns, Violence and Advertising in the Age of Trumpism, Hate and Fear” which focused on the image above.  It’s still a lot to take in, but some readers reacted strongly.

Interpreting the image may be a case of beauty being in the eyes of the beholder or people always finding what they’re looking for.

Opinions fell on both sides of the traditional battle line, with respondents breaking down into three main categories.

Categories one and two are the obvious ones. They’re either, “From my cold, dead hands” or “Get rid of guns PERIOD.”

It’s the third category that occupies what you might call a middle ground and it is the most interesting and the least ideological.

Category three is evenly split between gun owners who think we need to do more to keep guns (especially AR-15s) out of the hands of crazies and those who reluctantly stipulate to the 2nd Amendment, but want more controls.

One interesting comment came from an Israeli, where only 2% of the population owns guns, which is notable because everyone there serves in the army and knows how to use them.

“Ari” told me that when terrorists attack in Israel they are quickly neutralized.  Maybe 2% of a population owning guns is enough.

Those in the “From my cold, dead hands” group saw the ANTIFA folks looking out from the picture as a significant threat and the AR-15 guys as a shield from that threat.

The “Get rid of guns” people saw the AR-15 guys as terrorists and nationalist nutjobs.  They also can’t believe this image represents advertising in America.

It’s worth noting here that America is the only place where big pharma advertises its drugs directly to the public.

In case you were wondering, the top ten drugs advertised in American are:  Cialis, Eliquis, Humira, Xeljanz, Abilify, Lyrica, Viagra, Latuda, Celebrex and Chantix.

If it seems to you that advertising in America is correlated with the power of the underlying lobby group, you may be on to something.

Almost makes you wonder what tobacco did wrong. Aside from that whole cancer thing.

I own an AR-15 style rifle and enjoy shooting (at paper targets).  I get all that.  What I don’t get is how anyone thinks that the right to own a weapon of war is granted by these words:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I live in a community whose ban on AR-15s was upheld by the Supreme Court, so it is not considered a constitutional right by the court that decides such things.

Those who think that the right to carry guns comes from God should be rounded up and sent to a country where 12th Century thinking works.

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