Should We Care if Donald J. Trump Slept with the Star of "Happy Endings?"

Should We Care if Donald J. Trump Slept with the Star of "Happy Endings?"

The answer to the question above should be “No.” What private citizens or reality TV show guys do behind closed doors is their own business.

If you’re talking about President Donald J. Trump however, answering that question gets a little trickier.

If Dishonest Don wants to sleep with adult film actresses or Colin Kaepernick, it should be his choice to make. Unfortunately, being President of the United States complicates those choices.

Secrets he may be hiding – in a very large closet full of skeletons – can become leverage for blackmail. Secrets like that would prevent anyone else from getting a security clearance.

In the old days, it would have been an obstacle to the White House. Not so much, anymore.  Now we choose golden showers over the golden rule.

We can opine all we want about the character of the man – or lack thereof – but that is for voters to decide.  The problem for Trump and his attorney, Michael Cohen is the payoff, of which there may be many more waiting to unravel.

More about that in just a bit.

For the record, we should not dismiss Stormy Daniels as a run-of-the-mill porn actress. She directed and/or wrote most of the films in which she appears.

There were other titles on Ms. Daniel’s IMBd page that would have worked well in the title of this piece, especially considering the Donald’s predilections.

Two on the short list were “Unfaithful” and “Sleeping Around.”

As we learned during Watergate, it’s rarely the crime that trips up our elected officials, it’s the cover up.

Paying women to keep their mouths shut about dalliances with them can be problematic, but if done intelligently, it can be accomplished without creating undue legal jeopardy.

Michael Cohen doesn’t seem to have that deftness of hand.

When Cohen “facilitated” a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, he not only raised many questions, he put himself and his client in violation of federal campaign finance law.

The Stormy Daniels affair highlights the way our government and judicial process has been subverted and twisted into a political bludgeon.

If any other president had been involved in just a fraction of the bombardment of scandals coming at us, he (or she) would be investigated to within an inch of his/her life and impeached.

Now the GOP just remains silent. Or they end a bogus investigation and declare that there is no there there.

Even the holier-than-thou, Bible-thumping evangelicals are OK with Dirty Don because he was “anointed by God.”

The Jesus folks don’t care whose pussy Donald grabs, as long as he’s getting between that pussy and its owner’s gynecologist.

If anyone anointed Trump, it’s Vladimir Putin.

If God determines elections, then every president we’ve ever had was His choice.  That would also apply to Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Rodrigo Duterte and Bashar al-Assad.

In the end, we could just throw up our hands and say that we believe Dishonest Don’s disavowal of that woman, Ms. Daniels.

It’s just hard to explain why he and his lawyer are fighting so hard to keep her from talking about what never happened.

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