A Libtard's Defense of Rob Porter

A Libtard's Defense of Rob Porter

If you’ve visited this space before, you know that it’s no place to look for a defense of Donald Trump, John Kelly or anyone in the current administration. It may be time though, for all of us to examine the extent to which we’ve become a bunch of knee jerks.

Being called a “libtard” is not personally offensive, but the word itself should be offensive to everyone, regardless of political persuasion.

Read Rex Huppke’s piece entitled,  Heres an offensive word we should retire right now.

We are a nation of people who refer to those who don’t share our beliefs with the harshest of pejoratives. We liberals call the other side “Repugs,” which is short for repugnant and a play on the word “Republican.”

Objectively, it is a less offensive reference than “libtard” and a proper description of anyone who uses that particular pejorative. I employ the word here as a rapper might refer to himself with the N-word.

Social media and cable news are ablaze with the story of Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s history of spousal abuse. He is, as his former boss might say, a “bad hombre.”

Fox News was notable for downplaying this particular piece of news and I’m not sure that I disagree with them.

If you haven’t heard, White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter recently resigned over allegations of spousal abuse and a picture of his first wife sporting a black eye.

Alongside Porter in the line of fire is Chief of Staff John Kelly, who ignored the allegations and defended Porter as a man of “true integrity and honor.”

Critics of the White House would like to kill two staffers with one black eye.

John Kelly is a crappy American and a blight on the Marine Corps.  His remarks about immigrants and women and his false attack on Congresswoman Frederica Wilson qualify him for demotion in the evolutionary chain to Neanderthal.

Nonetheless, moral gatekeeper of the nation is not a part of Kelly’s job description.

The larger question is, does a history of spousal abuse disqualify Rob Porter from employment?

I don’t condone the abuse of any woman by any man and I don’t think it should ever be swept under the proverbial rug.

In Porter’s case, the allegations made by his two ex-wives, as well as by a third woman are completely credible and I believe them.

I don’t know if Porter has ever addressed his issues or attended any kind of anger management training. I don’t know if he is remorseful for his actions or if he’s made any effort to separate himself from the person who perpetrated those abuses.

There’s a lot of talk in the New Testament about forgiveness.

I don’t have enough information to draw a fair conclusion about Rob Porter.  I have to assume that his being a close confidante of Donald Trump makes him a horrible person, but that’s not really fair.

Probably true, but not really fair.  Check with Hope Hicks about that.

It seems likely that at least some of the outrage here is displaced anger about the many transgressions of Porter’s former boss, who has himself been accused of all manor of sexual abuse and impropriety.

We might be so anxious to hold Don’s feet to the fire that we’ve become susceptible to taking out our frustrations on the next person in line.

I’m not offering a get-out-of-jail-free card for Rob Porter.  I would just like a little more information before I make up my mind.

I would also like a peek at Dishonest Don’s tax returns, but I don’t think that will change my mind about him one little bit.

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