Would Donald Trump Have Ignored the Attack on Pearl Harbor if the Bank of Japan held his Mortgage?

Would Donald Trump Have Ignored the Attack on Pearl Harbor if the Bank of Japan held his Mortgage?

Donald Trump aka “Dishonest Don” or “Double D” wants a parade and one or more of his celebrity apprentices will be tasked with making that happen.

With the exception of France’s Bastille Day parade, which is a tradition deeply rooted in French culture and goes back more than a century, marching displays of military might are the hallmark of the world’s dictators and military regimes.

Russia and North Korea are two nations that come to mind in that context.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a public servant who lies at the pleasure of the President explained it this way: “President Trump is incredibly supportive of America’s great service members who risk their lives every day to keep our country safe.”

Secretary of Defense James Mattis attributed the parade to Double D’s “respect and affection for the military.”

To Mattis and Sanders I say, “Horsefeathers.”  They’re full of crap and they know it.

Dishonest Don wants a parade for three reasons and we all know what they are:

1. He is an adulation freak and the pep rallies aren’t doing it for him anymore.  He wants America’s best to march down Pennsylvania Avenue in homage to himself.

2. Like his “My nuclear button is bigger than yours,” he needs to show “Little Rocket Man” and the rest of the world what a big, powerful guy he is.

3.  Just as membership fees at Mar-a-Lago doubled after Don’s election, room rates at Trump International Hotel (1100 Pennsylvania Ave) will skyrocket for the parade that will no doubt pass in front of the property ILLEGALLY owned by the Trump organization.

Don’t be surprised if there are grandstands set up with tickets available at Trump.com.

Double D has long ago forfeited his right to talk about his “respect and affection” for the military.

– He couldn’t fight for his country because of “bone spurs,” but compared his sexual escapades of the ’60’s to his own, personal Vietnam.

– He disparaged John McCain, arguably one of the most courageous, patriotic men you could name for being captured in Vietnam.

-He insulted the grieving, Gold Star parents of Army Captain Humayun Khan.

– He sent SEAL CPO Ryan Owens into harms way after only one week on the job, then blamed the “generals” for Owens’ death.

– He picked a fight with the grieving widow of Green Beret Sgt. La David Johnson.

The list goes on, but you get the picture.

Trump’s parade is for Trump.  If he wants to show his respect and affection for America’s warriors, he should stop carrying water for Vladimir Putin and act like the Commander in Chief of THIS country.

Vladimir Putin and Russia are a threat to the democracy that America’s warriors have died to defend.  Dishonest Don needs needs to act on that threat.

We don’t need a parade, we need a president.  Donald Trump is an active participant in Putin’s attacks on the institutions of America.  Even worse, the leaders of his party in Congress are now complicit co-conspirators.

All this cyber business might seem a little cerebral, but it’s pretty easy to understand.

A cyber attack is an assault on our nation just like bombs, chemicals, anthrax or terrorists flying planes into our buildings.

We don’t know exactly what Russia has on Trump, but whatever it is, it must be big.  If Japan had something that big on Roosevelt in 1941, we might all be speaking Japanese right now.

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