It's been 18 Years Since Columbine, 6 Years Since Sandy Hook and Four months Since Las Vegas: Still Too Soon to Talk about Guns, Paul Ryan?

It's been 18 Years Since Columbine, 6 Years Since Sandy Hook and Four months Since Las Vegas:  Still Too Soon to Talk about Guns, Paul Ryan?

One hundred people died in the three shootings listed above, but Paul Ryan says we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

A teenager with an AR-15 killed seventeen people at a high school in Parkland, Florida.  What conclusions are we jumping to, Mr. Speaker?

What if your daughter, Elizabeth and her friends were among the victims?

The GOP liars, hypocrites and stoolies for the National Rifle Association are not doing their “sacred duty” to protect America when they tell us that it’s not the right time to talk about guns.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) says we need to do more to get the names of the mentally ill to the FBI and yet, just last year he sponsored a bill to make that more difficult.

Mitch McConnell (and man who looks like a turd seeing daylight for the first time) said yesterday that it would be wrong to politicize this issue so soon after the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida.

What Mitch isn’t telling you is that not talking about guns is his job. It’s what he gets paid for. Guns aren’t just a political issue for the majority leader of the Senate, they’re his bread and butter.

Nothing could be more political than the GOP roadblock standing in the way of a common sense discussion about the mass shootings plaguing America.

Is it a coincidence that America, a nation steeped in irrational gun culture is also home to all of the world’s school shootings and staggering gun violence in our cities?

Donald Trump declared the opiod epidemic an emergency.  Of course, nothing happened after that, but at least he highlighted the issue.

There were 64,000 opiod related deaths in America last year. Our infant mortality rate is approaching third world status and longevity in America is on the decline.

Why is it that the only thing these guys want to talk about is the danger of immigration?  What they’re really worried about is the danger to the Republican Party of allowing white people to become a minority.

Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, over 400 people have been shot in more than 200 shootings. In Las Vegas, at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando and at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, an AR-15 style rifle was the weapon of choice.

More than 100 people died on the wrong end of a weapon that is easier to purchase than an automobile.

Our so-called president is fond of a term he thinks he invented, “extreme vetting.’ He wants to apply it to those seeking entrance to our country.  How about applying it to anyone who wants to get his hands on a weapon that can fire 13 high powered projectiles every second?

That’s about one 30-round magazine every two seconds and I can run a mile carrying thirty of those magazines.  OK, I can walk a mile with twenty loaded magazines, but you get the idea.

If you’ve visited this space before, you know that I am a gun enthusiast.  But I’m also a realist.

At the time the 2nd Amendment was written, it took about 30 seconds to reload a musket and they weren’t all that powerful or accurate. Most people died of infections secondary to their gun shot wounds.

The Founding Fathers could no more imagine a weapon capable of shooting 800 rounds a minute than they could have predicted Waze, Snapchat or Bumble.

In November I wrote a piece called Guns Don’t Kill People, the NRA and the Politicians in Their Pockets Kill People.  I humbly recommend it.

Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Florida Governor Rick Scott can shove their #thoughtsandprayers up their asses.  Their words are hollow.  It’s never time to talk about anything that cuts into the profits of their donors.

The aforementioned are a bunch of empty barrels and we know a thing or two about empty barrels from a bad man doing a bad job, a man formerly known as General John Kelly.

Empty barrels make the most noise.”

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