Chain, chain, chain. Chain of fools

Chain, chain, chain. Chain of fools
John Travolta dancing to "Chain of Fools" in 1996 movie, "Michael"

We are all chained, in one way or another.  We are slaves to the inner workings of our minds and to the circumstances we’ve created in our lives.  For better or worse (mostly worse), we act the way we are wired to act.

Only one form of migration however, can be described as “chain.”

African slaves appeared in Italy, Spain, France and Portugal in the early 1500’s. The first Africans brought to America arrived in Virginia in 1619 and were put to work in the tobacco fields.

It wasn’t until 1865 and the ratification of the 13th Amendment that slavery in America was officially abolished, ending an era of human beings forcibly brought here in chains.

What our racist, uninformed President refers to as “chain migration” is nothing of the sort.  Either Dishonest Don doesn’t understand Family Reunification or he’s deliberately lying to incite the racist core of his base.

IMHO (in my humble opinion), both of the above are true.

A perfect example of Dishonest Don’s lies and/or misrepresentations is the whopper he’s been telling about the New York City terrorist who rammed a rented truck into a crowd on Halloween, killing 8 people.

Trump is claiming that the driver, a 29-year old Uzbek named Saipov, brought two dozen of his aunts, uncles and cousins over. That is untrue.

It’s worth mentioning here that Trump’s knee jerk response (always something you want from your president) was that the attack was perpetrated by ISIS.

If you get your information about immigration from Fox News, Breitbart or Dishonest Don’s tweets, there’s a 100% chance that you are misinformed.  Don’t be insulted, but don’t be lazy, either.  The truth is out there and it’s easy to find.

It’s unlikely that anyone, ever brought two dozen relatives here from anywhere.  Family Reunification does not cover aunts, uncles or cousins.  It only includes immediate family, like spouses and children and the process takes years.

Besides the fact that Saipov married a woman already living here, there is no evidence that he had twenty or more children in Uzbekistan. Their three children are all natural born Americans.

“Chain migration” is another of Trump’s dog whistles, perfectly pitched to rile up the vile.  It’s a finely tuned racial epithet, offensive, but with plausible deniability.

Donald Trump’s grandfather was an immigrant. One of his ex-wives (Ivanka) and his current wife (Melania), are immigrants.  Maybe he’s angry because Melania brought two dozen of her irritating relatives with her from Slovenia.

My grandparents were immigrants and it’s likely that yours were, too.  Here’s something to keep in mind when you think about immigration:


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