Where Do You Fall on the Shithole Scale?

Where Do You Fall on the Shithole Scale?

The President of the United States wants to prioritize immigration based on his own cryptic shithole scale.  You may wonder where you fall on that scale.

If you are not white or you are from a place where the majority of your countrymen are not white, you may find yourself pretty far down on the shithole scale.

If the cosmos have been kind to you and your skin is the color of goose down, things are looking good.  If your eyes are blue and your hair is blonde, you may want to run out and buy a lottery ticket, although you’ve already struck immigration gold.

And you thought your time had passed with the fall of the Third Reich.

Trump has many times expressed the view that America needs more immigrants from Europe.  His recent comments indicate his overwhelming preference for Norwegians to apply.

Or, as Sarah Palin would say, “The good people of Norwegia.”

It’s possible that Trump’s Norwegian reference may only be the result of his recent meeting with Erna Solberg, prime minister of Norway.

We all know that he can only keep one thing in his head at a time and his opinions are generally given to him by the very last person with whom he’s conversed.

Unless he’s watching Fox News, of course, which is where he gets all his foreign “diplomacy” ideas.

The only problem with Trump’s love of Norway is that they have no interest in coming here.

I’ve never been to Norway, but I do love sardines.

Looking for a common thread among the nations referred to by Trump as shitholes-it could be shithouses, as Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue seem to think-one thing leaps out, naked and unadorned.

These are predominantly, if not entirely black nations.  Norway, at the very top of Trump’s immigration list is an entirely white nation.

There’s no way to frame this other than “merit based immigration” is code for keeping out black and brown people while blowing open the doors for white people.

They irony-or maybe it’s hypocrisy-is that up until recently, immigrants from Africa were the most highly educated people entering our country.  Right now they’re just a little above average in terms of educational background.

Nigerian immigrants have the highest education attainment level in the United States, surpassing every other ethnic group in the country, according to U.S Bureau Census data.

In any case, immigrants from Africa have far more education coming here and attain much higher levels of education and achievement than your average red-necked, red blooded American.

You can go online and find a dozen videos of Dishonest Don refuting his racism.  I haven’t yet found one of any other president having to say, “I’m not a racist.”

His denials, like most denials ring hollow:   “I’m not an alcoholic.”

I’m not an anti-Semite.”

I’m not a rapist.”

I’m not a crook.”  The list goes on.

Reaching into his bag of superlatives, one of Don’s favorite expressions is, “I’m the least racist person….” which is usually followed by a version of “That I can tell you.”

The problem with saying that you are the least of something means that you are still that thing. Being the “least racist person” just means that you are less racist than the most racist person.

The scale of anti-Semitism might go from “Most” to “Least,” but I’m still not getting invited to dinner by an anti-Semite who is at the “Least” end of the scale.

The good news is that I’m white, so I can still stay in the country. For now.

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