Brothers and Sisters of the Resistance, Melania Trump is not the Enemy

Brothers and Sisters of the Resistance, Melania Trump is not the Enemy
dress: Tracy Reese

Melania Trump has drawn the ire of the Liberal universe in a way that is totally disproportionate with anything that you can possibly accuse her of doing.

The name calling is shameful and embarrassing.

Michelle Obama is one the most beloved first ladies since Jackie Kennedy.  She’s smart, articulate and passionate in her beliefs and her support of her husband.

There has never been a whisper that she is anything other than a great mother.

She, too was (and is) the target of undeserved derision, but it’s understandable, in a twisted, pathetic way.  Mrs. Obama’s time in the White House was marred for many by the fact that she spent her time in the Rose Garden being black.

The Obama’s non-whiteness was (and is) a source of irritation, resentment and downright rage for many on the right (wrong) side of life. This is the festering pus that allowed a bottom feeder like Donald Trump to lead a parade of mutts with little more than a dog whistle.

Think of him as a modern day pied piper.

I didn’t care for Nancy Reagan. She treated old Ronnie like a child and he responded in kind, calling her “mommy” and writing her love letters.

Barbara Bush is a notorious anti-Semite who looks like George Washington and her daughter-in-law (Laura) is a nice, but simple woman who looks like she went to sleep with a hanger in her mouth.

Hillary Clinton was a strong first lady, reminiscent of Eleanor Roosevelt, who has to be near the top of anyone’s “10 Best First Ladies” list.

In the grand scheme of things, Melania has made few missteps as first lady.

It’s said that she speaks five languages and it would be nice if English was one of them, but she gets her points across. She obviously has a strong fashion sense and the wherewithal to put herself together in an attractive way.


That’s not to say that she doesn’t sometimes miss the mark.

Jason Wu, Tracy Reese, Thakoon, Sophie Theallet and Brandon Maxwell are five American designers whose fashions received a boost from being worn by Michelle Obama during her White House tenure.

She brought traffic into J. Crew, as well.

Would it be nice to see Melania rockin’ some more Americano? Sure it would, but she’s entitled to shop where she feels comfortable. Heck, even Ivanka’s stuff is made overseas.

It could be said that Melania’s campaign against online bullying is entirely hypocritical, considering the fact that her husband is the most heinous online bully imaginable.

It may be though, that Melania, like so many in Trumpland can only communicate with him through social media.  Her campaign may well be an attempt to reign him in.

Other than that, what’s her big offense?

I don’t know if she married for money and neither do you. If she did, she wouldn’t be the first person to do it. She wouldn’t be the first person to marry for a green card, either.


We can say that she’s got bad taste in men, but that’s not a crime.  If it was, I’d be visiting my wife at Stateville.

Ex wives might be covered by some kind of ex post facto thing, I’ll have to check.

It’s time to give Melania a break.  She didn’t ask for all this and she may be the only one in all of Trump World that didn’t meet with the Ruskis.

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