Does America Really Need Another Billionaire TV Star in the White House?

Does America Really Need Another Billionaire TV Star in the White House?

Q:  Does America Really Need Another Billionaire TV Star in the White House?

A:  Ah, not so much.

We didn’t really need the first one, but it may take another one to lift the curse.

After her fiery and cohesive speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday, many Americans would like Oprah Winfrey to add another accomplishment to her lifetime achievements.

I don’t usually consider cohesiveness the highlight of a speech, but in this time of post-fact, post-truth, unhinged ramblings, it’s worth consideration.

It would be a refreshing departure from the word salad Donald Trump tosses every time he veers from his carefully prepared scripts.

To conflate Dishonest Don with Oprah Winfrey is a false equivalency of the highest order. That they are human beings is the only possible trait they share and the jury’s still out on Don.

We can infer from the existence of Oprah’s Book Club that she reads. Not only does she read, but she encourages others to read.

That, in itself may sum up all we need to know in the event of a Trump-Winfrey faceoff in 2020.

Dishonest Don plots. He conspires, schemes, connives, colludes and he contrives. Those are his strengths and they have served him well.

Those traits are no sign of intelligence (or stability) and they don’t readily lend themselves to honesty, loyalty or unity.

Peter Wehner worked in the White House for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (41).  He was a senior speech writer for George W. Bush (43).

This well-credentialed Republican describes Donald Trump as “a man of staggering ignorance.

Oprah thinks. It’s clear that she is quite capable of critical thought and that might be just the ticket.

Someone who considers her words carefully and uses them wisely could go a long way to restore the office of the presidency and the world standing of the America.

While Don had a reality show, Oprah has a network. While Don was given hundreds of millions of dollars, Oprah was given absolutely nothing.

Oprah Winfrey has never declared bankruptcy or been sued by anyone for lying, cheating or breaching a contract.

Donny always needs an enemy, a foil, someone to put down to keep himself afloat. Oprah seeks ways to lift up, to share and include.

Oprah does actual philanthropy, while Don uses other people’s money to make contributions in his name.

There could not be a more stark difference between any two people.

I had the opportunity (a long time ago) to lunch with Oprah.  She didn’t seem to care for me, but she exuded the aura of a person of immense substance, power and capability.

At the time, Ronald Reagan was president and I remember wondering to myself if a B-movie guy like him could be president, why not Oprah?

Three decades later, I’m asking myself the same question.

This country doesn’t need a succession of TV stars in the White House, but we could benefit from the kind of stability that a person of Oprah’s stature and composure could bring to the Oval Office.

While a “President Winfrey” might be good for America though, Oprah would probably be wise to steer clear of Washington, DC.  It’s no place for anyone with real character.

To see the episode that preceded lunch with Oprah at Chicago’s Nikko Hotel (it’s now the Westin River North Chicago), click HERE.

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