Is Moral Bankruptcy Too High a Price to Pay for a Soaring 401K?

Is Moral Bankruptcy Too High a Price to Pay for a Soaring 401K?
image: andrew harrer

If your answer to the above question is no, you need read no further.  You got your wish.

It’s difficult to hate a president reigning over a stock market that makes new highs on a daily basis. Difficult, but not impossible.

Ripping open those monthly statements from Merrill Lynch or checking out your TD Ameritrade account online are great rushes.  It’s what I imagine skydiving might feel like.

Dishonest Don takes all the credit, but let’s not forget that the Dow Jones Index went from 7,949 on the day Barack Obama took office to 19, 732 by the time he left.  The value of stocks in the Dow Jones grew 250% in the eight years of the Obama presidency.

Today’s exuberance and 4.1% unemployment obscure the fact that job growth has actually SLOWED by about 20% since Donald Trump (the jobs president) took office.

Those are the numbers, those are the facts, but we don’t pay attention to anything like that anymore.  We have tweets.

According to Dishonest Don, he is the best, biggest, smartest, most, least, bigliest person on Earth. He seems to believe his nonsense but, astonishingly tens of millions of losers follow and believe @realdonaldjtrump.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “hoax” as “something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication.”  That pretty much defines the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

It’s ironic that Don refers to the Russia investigation as a hoax.  The real hoax is the chorus of Republicans insisting that only Republican FBI agents can fairly investigate Russia’s interference into our elections.

It’s no hoax, but it is criminal that after one year in office, Dishonest Don has not had one single cabinet or security council meeting where the subject of Russian interference was the focus.

What other American president would not be pounding on the table, demanding answers?

We have sold our souls to the devil and, being an atheist, I only say that in the figurative sense. Take whatever literal meaning you can from someone who doesn’t believe in all the gobbledygook.

Donald Trump is clearly an amoral, corrupt man who sees a government shutdown as inconvenient to his anniversary party.  During the primaries, Lindsey Graham called candidate Trump a kook.

Now that Don’s president, Graham excoriates pundits and pols who call his golfing buddy kooky.

Whatever illness is plaguing the President, Graham and the rest of the GOP seem to have caught it. They may see no evil nor hear no evil, but they sure talk a lot of it.

Tens of millions of Americans have abandoned whatever principles they may have held.

Mike Pence never has a cocktail without the close presence of his beloved and virginal Karen.  When he drinks, they hold hands and pray that his dick doesn’t fall out of his pants.

Pence thinks life is sacred, unless it’s gay life and he can thump the Bible with the best of them.

St. Pence, though loves him his Donald.  Pence and the evangelicals have found it in their interests to embrace their pussy-grabbing, porno chasing, lying, cheating, uninformed savior.  They have, for lack of a better expression, sold their souls.

You’d think that would mean something to them, because they actually believe they have souls.

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