No Libel Law in the World Can Stop Me From Calling Donald J. Trump a Liar

No Libel Law in the World Can Stop Me From Calling Donald J. Trump a Liar

The original title of this piece was “No Libel Law in the World Can Stop Me From Calling Donald J. Trump a Liar.  Only the FSB Can Do That

It was a few words too long, but it is certainly apropos.

The FSB is Vladimir Putin’s gang of leg breakers.  Like the SS was for Hitler, like Paulie was for Tony Soprano.

Dishonest Donny wants his own mafia.  Even with Secret Service protection, he’s maintaining his private security force, much to the chagrin of the Secret Service.

Trump is considering his own private section of the CIA.   If ever there was a Putin wannabe, it’s Donald Trump.

There’s two operative words in the above title and they are “libel” and “law.”  The first one is pretty easy to define in plain English.

Libel is the act of writing something that is (1) patently untrue and that could readily be seen as being harmful to a person’s (2) reputation or (3) livelihood.

Those three obstacles would be harder for Dishonest Don to surmount than any “wall” he can build.

Enough people consider Donald Trump to be a liar that it’s become a cliche.  It’s gotten to the point that lies and outlandish boasts are now called, “Trumpisms.”

Dishonest Don is such a pernicious and prolific liar that studying his lying has become its own discipline.  You can read about it HERE and HERE.

Libel must be based on an untruth, one which the author should know is untrue.  Calling a liar a liar is not libelous.

Being thought of in all of the civilized world as a liar precludes Donald Trump from claiming damage to his reputation.  Do we we consider Deplorables part of the civilized world?

It’s unlikely that Dishonest Don would ever claim that someone harmed his livelihood.  He’s too busy bragging about how rich he is.

It’s that other pesky word that worries me, though.  Law has never been a concern for Donald Trump and that disregard is reflected throughout his administration and the GOP.

Trump’s contempt for the law was clearly demonstrated by his immediate pardon after the conviction of Joe Arpaio, who was, himself convicted of contempt for the law.

Thanks to Donald Trump, a convicted felon now has a shot at occupying a seat in the Senate.  That’s even better than an accused child molester.

The way Dishonest Don attacks the press would make Joseph Stalin proud.  Don wants all stories about him to be approved by him.

The Founding Fathers recognized the importance of a free press for the protection of the democracy they created.  Thomas Jefferson said that if he had to choose, he would prefer “newspapers without government” over “government without newspapers.”

Freedom of speech and of the press were deemed so important that they are very first words in the very first amendment of the Constitution.

For this democracy to survive, the GOP has to start treating the 1st Amendment with the same reverence they treat the 2nd.

A little honesty would help, as well as a little less turning their blind eyes from the Oval Office that is fast becoming a shithole.

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