Sorry, Ladies, If You've Been Harassed, Molested or Assaulted by a Republican, It's just Too Damn Bad

Sorry, Ladies, If You've Been Harassed, Molested or Assaulted by a Republican, It's just Too Damn Bad

I’d like to endorse Roy Moore for U.S. Senator from Alabama, except for one thing.  Moore is a backward thinking, hypocritical, lying, Bible thumping child molester.

I guess that’s more than one thing.

In any case, it appears that Roy Moore will be sent to the U.S. Senate by Alabamians as the person they feel best represents their values. That may be a good reason to avoid driving through or flying over Alabama.

If you’re a woman who voted for Donald Trump and you’ve recently had your pussy grabbed, at least you can say that your vote made a difference.  You got what you voted for.

If you plan on voting for ANY Republican in 2018, please don’t cry if your boss plays a little grab ass with you. When you lie down with (Republican) dogs, you wake up with perverts.

It would be a tragedy if your little girl was molested by a sexual predator, but Republicans are not interested in protecting your children.  Protecting their donors’ agendas is their highest priority.

Before you start firing off those nasty emails, please be assured that I don’t condone the mistreatment of women or children.

Whether it’s harassment or abuse of a sexual nature, a physical or mental nature or the demeaning of women in any way, shape or form, the perpetrator should be condemned and/or castrated PERIOD

If I was Leigh Corfman‘s father, Roy Moore would not be running for anything. He would most likely be having trouble walking.

We are a mostly tolerant society, but some things had been recognized by everyone as being over the line, no matter who you are. They were the universal “Game Over.”

When more than a dozen women came forward with a variety of accusations against candidate Donald Trump, that should have been his “Game Over.”

It was not. The Basket of Deplorables accepted his feeble denials and cheered when he slandered all of his accusers, calling them liars and promising to sue them.

We’ll probably see those law suits about the same time we see his tax returns.

When the infamous Access Hollywood tape came out (When you’re famous you can….grab them by the pussy), Mike Pence and then RNC Chairman Reince Priebus plotted to dump Trump.

Surely his own crass words should have ended his candidacy.  Inexplicably, perhaps in the throes of some sort of battered woman syndrome, the ladies of America excused Trump’s heretofore unacceptable behavior and voted for him in droves.

Once Republicans found a way to normalize the amorality of Donald Trump in favor of political expediency, it was just a short hop for them to embrace a child molester for senator.

Roy Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones said it best. “By any objective standard… It is crystal clear that these women are telling the truth and Roy Moore is not.  I believe these women and so should you.”

About Moore, Jones went on to say, “When you see me with a gun, folks, I’ll be climbing in and out of a deer stand or a turkey blind, not prancing around on a stage in a cowboy suit.”

There was a time when I thought of Republicans as loyal Americans who just happened to have different ideas about America. Not so much, anymore.

They are not loyal Americans because they support a man who not only condones an invasion into our democracy by a hostile government, but shows that government an unnatural, submissive devotion.

They discount the will of their constituents to better serve their donors. They ignore incompetence, lying and criminality as a matter of course and they’re funding the campaign of a man very credibly accused of pedophilia and predatory behavior.

The party of law and order is now the party of neither. If you’re looking for sympathy ladies, you’re going to have to find the shoulder of a Democrat to cry on.

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