Sarah Silverman is Wrong about Nobody Being Irredeemable

Sarah Silverman is Wrong about Nobody Being Irredeemable

I admire Sarah Silverman’s optimism about the nature of Earthlings, but it begs the question,  How long have you lived here?  Everyone has the right to be wrong, Sarah, please don’t abuse the privilege.

Silverman has an issue with Hillary Clinton’s reference to the fact that her (Clinton’s) “Basket of Deplorables” are irredeemable.

I’m not sure if she has a problem with the label, itself.

It was no secret during the Democratic presidential primary that Ms. Silverman was an ardent supporter of Bernie Sanders. You can watch her video HERE.

As a progressive, I like Bernie and what he stands for.  As a realist, I know that there are no free lunches.  I suppose that’s why reasonable governing requires a certain amount of compromise.

To her credit, Silverman accepted the nomination of Hillary Clinton with grace and aplomb. She may have grit her teeth a bit, but in the end she supported the candidate that we hoped would gut Donald Trump and feed him to the buzzards.

You can watch Sarah’s DNC speech HERE.

Sarah has a new show (“I Love You, America” available on Hulu) which highlights her love of country.  She is conciliatory to everyone, even those wacky Trumpites.

Silverman actually hugs Trumpites, hoping to connect at some level of humanity.

A 2015 study found that 77% of inmates released from state prisons were re-arrested within five years.  It doesn’t say how many of the 23% not re-arrested had returned to crime and just avoided apprehension.

They say that prison is like graduate school for criminals.

Every once in a while we hear a feel-good story about a Nazi who befriends a Jew or vice versa. Or a Klansman taken in by a black family. It makes for a great movie of the week.

It’s just not the way things usually play out. These are the rare exceptions, nowhere near the rule.

People don’t really change. Hate tends to insinuate itself pretty deeply and these days, people can turn to alternate facts to validate their fears.

Film maker Michael Moore is not the most attractive representative of the progressive movement, but he has proffered some valuable advice.

Moore tells us not to waste time talking facts with Trumpites and, if you’ve ever tried, you know he’s right. They can not be reached with a ten foot pole.

There are tens of millions of people out there who don’t seem to know the difference between facts and opinions. It’s a fact that Earth is spherical (sort of round). It doesn’t matter that Kyrie Irving thinks it’s flat.

Mr. Irving is entitled to his opinion, but the fact is that he is not qualified to offer opinions on the shapes of celestial bodies, not even our own. You can say that you respect his opinion, but there is no reason to respect it or give it credence.

Irving may be one of the most popular players in the NBA, but he is an idiot and anyone who considers his opinion of the shape of Earth valid is also an idiot.

Trumpites, people whom Sarah Silverman wants to hug are not open to facts. They need to be fed opinions by the likes of Breitbart, Limbaugh, Fox “News” and the tweets of President Orange Buffoon.

There might be one in a hundred or a thousand or a million who could fall under the spell of Sarah’s warm embrace (I would). Like the proverbial needle in the haystack though, it just doesn’t seem worth the effort to find that particular needle.

Kind of like peeing into the wind. Speaking of which, when are we going to see the content of that dossier.

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