Vote for Roy Moore for Pastor of the Antioch Baptist Church

Vote for Roy Moore for Pastor of the Antioch Baptist Church

Roy Moore should be the pastor of the Antioch Baptist Church in Gadsden, Alabama and I say that with a caveat for the judge. You may want to parse your sermons carefully Roy, Antioch Baptist Church has a mostly black congregation.

On the plus side, it’s conveniently located on East Meighan Boulevard between Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop and Daiquiri Hut & Lounge.

Based on Christians’ willingness to overlook pussy grabbing and child molestation, it’s clear that pastor of a Southern Baptist church is right up old Roy’s alley.

Roy the Molester, however is not qualified for any public office, whatsoever.

While it’s hard to believe that Roy Moore has raised $1 Million since his predatory nature has been revealed, one can only wonder how much he could’ve raised had he lynched a black man.

Roy Moore supporter Janet Porter claims that no one could fake Moore’s “godliness.”

Ms. Porter should know better than anyone that faking “godliness” is a prerequisite for holier-than-thou, bible-thumping, self-righteous hypocrites.

Her body of work includes a prodigious list of lies, half-truths and dog whistles going back to the first Obama candidacy. Makes you wonder how she avoided recruitment to the number two spot on Team Trump.

Porter didn’t just tell lies. In her anti-Obama campaign, she put President Obama in bed with everyone from al-Qaida to Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the devil.

As a columnist for WorldNetDaily (Obama Hate Central), Porter used her platform to “report” on the most ridiculously concocted stories you could imagine.  To anyone capable of critical thought, Porter’s work would be laughable.

Sadly, people capable of critical thought don’t read WND and the folks that do tend to take that stuff seriously.

The thing that always escapes me is how people like Janet Porter can focus on pushing their religious agenda while completely ignoring any of those principles we ascribe to Christianity.

As for “holy” perverts faking it, there is no shortage.  How about Jim Bakker, Kent Hovind, Robert Tilton, Billy James Hargis, Marjoe Gortner, Jimmy Swaggart and about 10,000 Catholic priests?  There’s so many perverts out there faking godliness that one has to wonder if any of it is real.

One lady at a Moore rally last week said that Roy Moore was the closest anyone could get to the Founding Fathers.  She probably meant that as a good thing, but the Founding Fathers were misogynistic racists who believed only rich, white men should vote.

Roy Moore’s wife, Kayla is another Christian under attack. Why is it that that only Christians pushing extreme and fundamental agendas are under attack? Everyone else can say, “Merry Christmas” and go about their business.

Poor Kayla says that they will not step down, despite the horrible attacks against her and her family.

Kayla doesn’t have to step down, she isn’t running for anything.  Her and her family are not under attack. No one accused her or her inbred kids of anything.

The one thing missing from Mrs. Moore’s vitriol is any kind of sympathy or compassion for the women who were victimized when they were just teenagers. F or devout Christians, there doesn’t seem to be any perversion too great for them to overlook in pursuit of their own agenda.

As for Roy Moore, he’s a liar and a pervert and I say that with complete confidence.  I challenge him and/or his legal team to do anything about it.

Like Janet Porter, Roy Moore is anti-LGBT, anti-abortion, anti-minority, anti-civil rights and anti everyone who doesn’t share his self-righteous, radical views.  Views which were common in 17th Century Massachusetts, but have no place in 21st Century America.

While they always claim that they’re the ones under attack, the truth is that they’re always running AGAINST everyone else’s freedom.  They’re not FOR anything, especially not anyone who don’t fit their tight little circle of approved Americans.

No politician should run on a platform of biblical babble. Who are any of them to decide what the Bible means and worse, try to foist their antiquated visions on the rest of us?

We have the Taliban for that.

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