Brothers and Sisters of the Resistance, It's Time to Accept the Fact that Donald J. Trump is Our President

Brothers and Sisters of the Resistance, It's Time to Accept the Fact that Donald J. Trump is Our President
Illustration: Andrew Rae

I wrote the headline above and the little piece below back in March, when Donald J. Trump had been on the job for two full months. I was trying to “get into it.”  I wanted the man to succeed.  Any president’s success should be good for the country, right? 

I couldn’t finished it.  Trying to make Donald Trump palatable is like picking boogers off a shit sandwich.

This guy is not just a danger to the America that I once knew, he’s a danger to mankind. He is evil, corrupted and incompetent and he has surrounded himself with evil, corruption and incompetence.

And now he’s going to allow assholes like his son to bring back elephant and lion trophies from Africa.

Anyway, this is how it started:

Donald Trump is Our President.  I know it sounds horrible and waking up to that reality is enough to make you want to pull the covers over your head and stay there until January 20, 2021.

Sadly, we must face the world as it is, not how we wish it was.

No more #notmypresident .  This is where we are and we need reality check.  Perhaps the President needs it more than most, but a dose of this-is-what-it-is can help put things into perspective.

Rest assured that I am not suggesting that we try to normalize the anything-but-normal of this presidency, but the sooner we accept Donnie as our president, the sooner we can start having some impact.  We need to stand up to this charlatan and tell him to get to work.

The sooner we accept our roles as citizens-in-charge, the sooner we can start pressing the point that this president works for us.

Which brings us to you, Mr. President.

I still wake up every morning in abject disbelief that you are President of the United States.  However it is that you figured out a way to con yourself into that job, the genius of it can not be denied.  Now that you’ve got the job, what are you going to do?

So far, you’ve been like a dog chasing a car.  They never expect to catch it and they have no idea what to do when they succeed.

Sure, health care is complicated.  If you didn’t know that health care was complicated, you shouldn’t have run for president. But you ran and, somehow you won.

Now it’s time to grow up and grow into that job, something that may take some effort for someone of your advanced years.

The difference, Mr. President between you and the great presidents is that they all knew what they didn’t know.  You’re either woefully ignorant of your own shortcomings or you’re afraid to admit them.  Either way, it’s a fatal flaw that could spell doom for your presidency, your country and possibly the world.

I’m almost at the point where I don’t care about Russia, your crooked, self-dealing or your screwed up family. I just want you to start thinking like an adult and consider your next moves…..

That’s as far as I got.

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