Guns Don't Kill People, the NRA and the Politicians in Their Pockets Kill People

Guns Don't Kill People, the NRA and the Politicians in Their Pockets Kill People

There’s some truth to the saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” There’s nothing that an inanimate object, like a gun can do of its own volition.  Like many of man’s inventions, it requires the human touch.

The problem, as I see it is keeping innocent guns out of the hands of people inclined to kill people. If we can all agree upon that, we are one step closer to solving the problem.

Within hours of the New York City attack, where eight cyclists were killed by a guy in a rental truck, Donald Trump launched into his blame game and called for increased immigration restrictions.

It wasn’t too soon to talk about HIS agenda.

It’s always too soon for Repugnants to talk about gun control.  It’s never the right time to try to eliminate some of the senseless violence that claims so many innocent American lives.

That gibberish seems especially hypocritical for a president who ran on the promise of keeping Americans safe. Then again, this is the president who, on his third day in office signed an order to allow people with mental problems to buy guns.

Considering the fact that there’s a mass shooting almost every day in America, today has to be the appropriate interval from one of those shootings.

HB 4117, a bill to outlaw “bump stocks” was recently defeated in the Illinois House of Representatives. Some legislators said that the language was too broad.

We just can’t take a chance that yahoos like Devin Patrick Kelley and Stephen Paddock won’t have immediate access to weapons of mass destruction.

About 90% of Americans favor universal background checks, which means that every congressman and senator was elected by people who favor universal background checks.

There is no law abiding citizen whose 2nd Amendment rights would be infringed upon by a background check. There is no reasonable argument against universal background checks.

There is, however a good reason to block any effort that could reduce the number of guns sold in America. As they say on TV, “Follow the money.”

Guns are big business. The NRA represents that big business and they have the resources to buy a lot of influence (read: politicians).  That’s not to take anything away from  big pharma, tobacco, fossil fuel, Monsanto and Goldman Sachs.

It’s tough being a Repugnant. Half the horrible ideas you support are because the Tea Party (or Steve Bannon) will challenge you in the primaries if you don’t, while the other half you support because your big buck donors tell you to.

Whenever the perpetrator of a mass shooting is other than white American, we chalk it up to terrorism. We look to blame our immigration policies or Chuck Schumer and it’s never too soon to do that.

If the shooter happens to be white American, then we start talking about mental health issues, like America’s got the lock on wacky.  As it happens, psychopathy is distributed pretty evenly across the globe.

We may have the highest number of shrinks per capita, but that’s just American exceptionalism. So is the fact that more than half of the world’s eight million guns manufactured annually are bought in the United States, giving us about a third of the 900 million guns in existence on Earth.

One thing Donald Trump said after the shooting in Texas was absolutely true. There’s a lot of mental health issues at the highest level.

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