Donald J. Trump May Have Cleared the Way for Harvey Weinstein to be President of the United States

Donald J. Trump May Have Cleared the Way for Harvey Weinstein to be President of the United States
Lovekin/Getty Images: (L-R) Donald Trump, Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein

It took a guy like Donald J. Trump to make it possible for a guy like Harvey Weinstein to become president. And trust me, the horror of that statement is not lost on its author.

I am not a fan of Abraham Harvey Weinstein.  He is a sexual predator and a despicable human being. Our culture, however is replete with despicable human beings.

Our tolerance for despicability seems flexible, though. In one instance, we’ve manage to normalize despicability to the point where we’ve actually been able to elect ourselves a despicable human being as President.

Unlike our President, who’s a social pariah, Weinstein has actually contributed to our society.

Weinstein has been active on issues such as poverty, AIDS, juvenile diabetes, and multiple sclerosis research. He was on the Board of the Robin Hood Foundation, an NYC non-profit that targets poverty.

Weinstein’s been outspoken on gun control law and universal health care in the United States.

Donald J. Trump serves Donald J. Trump.  He couldn’t serve his country because of a bone spur, he just couldn’t remember in which foot.

We can all agree that Harvey Weinstein is despicable. Maybe even deplorable, although I like to save that term for a special group of misinformed miscreants.

The question I have is why it’s necessary for every person who ever knew him to have to jump up on a table and condemn him.  Why are we so addicted to these scripted displays of moral indignation?

Why didn’t Barack Obama condemn him? What about Hillary Clinton? George Clooney?  Meryl Streep?  Is it really everyone’s job to weigh in?

Weinstein my be a pervert, but he doesn’t have access to our nuclear codes. He can’t goad a jittery enemy into a nuclear war or fuel the rate of climate change.

Another weird notion is that Democrats should return all of Weinstein’s contributions.  He may be a bad guy and all that, but his money’s legit. It’s not like he’s Pablo Escobar.

If there’s going to be a litmus test for donors, both sides may find themselves running out of money. Especially the GOP.

There’s also a slightly hypocritical twinge to all this if you consider our general impression of Hollywood producers. Use that title as a clue in a game of Password and the answer will be, “Casting couch.”

Many, if not most of us have always assumed, without condoning it that that is just how Hollywood works.  It’s said to be whispered frequently in Hollywood circles.

Again, I’m not saying that it’s right, I’m saying that it’s no secret. Harvey Weinstein is just an extreme case of that widespread culture.

In 2020 America, is there anything that would prevent Harvey Weinstein from becoming president?  He may be an admitted sex offender, but so is our President.

The Weinstein scandal broke on the year anniversary of the Hollywood Access tape, in which candidate Donald J. Trump revealed his predatory behavior.  In his own words he said that stardom gave him carte blanche to do anything he wanted to women, including grabbing their pussies.

Donald J. Trump took the basement out of politics and turned it into a bottomless pit.  It’s only a matter of how low we’re going to allow someone to go before someone steps up and says, “Enough.”

For now, there are no rules. Things that we thought would end Donald Trump just made his little basket of deplorables dig their heels in even harder.

If we’re going to have a despicable human being in the White House, I’d just as soon it be a Liberal.  Being Jewish would be icing on the cake.

At least he won’t be talking about all the “very fine people” at the next Nazi rally.

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