If You Don't Think Donald J. Trump Is a Jackass, Please Stand Up and Bray

If You Don't Think Donald J. Trump Is a Jackass, Please Stand Up and Bray

It may be rude to say that Donald J. Trump is a jackass, but that is an unavoidable conclusion.  I apologize to anyone offended by that image, but it may be the least offensive noun I have to offer.

It’s not that his lies, big and small are legendary.  And stupid.  Most times they contradict his own words, which we can replay from any number of sources.  Click HERE.

With tax reform looming before Congress, this is an opportune time for you to assess the veracity of Donald J. Trump’s words and those of his team and his party, all of whom have adopted his adversarial relationship with truth.

We’ll ignore the fact that Donald J. Trump is ignoring Puerto Rico.
1. He didn’t know that Puerto Rico’s inhabitants are American citizens.
2. Puerto Rico is not only an island, but it is surround by big water, way out in the middle of the ocean.
3. Puerto Rico, like Illinois is in debt. Unlike Donald J. Trump, neither can declare bankruptcy.
3. Puerto Ricans can’t vote in presidential elections (unless they come to the mainland).

It’s not that Trump said that John McCain isn’t a hero.  The facts speak for themselves.

Both the father and grandfather of Senator John S. McCain III were naval commanders who served in World War II. The USN destroyer, John S. McCain is named after the senior McCains.

When Senator McCain was a prisoner of war at the infamous Hanoi Hilton, he was offered a release from his torture and torment in an attempt by the North Vietnamese to curry favor with the U.S. Navy.

Captain McCain refused release, insisting on remaining with his comrades. That is the very definition of the word “hero.”

Captain Humayun Kahn was another hero who sacrificed his own life to save those of his men.  His parents, Khiizr and Ghazala Khan are the grief stricken parents who raised a son who would come to put the lives of his soldiers before his own.

The Kahns are what we used to reverently call Gold Star parents.

Now, thanks to Donald J. Trump they are fair game, legitimate targets of unbridled narcissism, ambition, greed and nativism.

Forget that Trump described a mob of torch-carrying Nazis chanting, “Jews will not replace us” as inclusive of some “very fine people.”

Nazis, white supremacists, Russians and lawless sheriffs are all members of protected groups, lest anyone should criticize them for being detrimental to American democracy.

It may be coincidental and not racist at all that the one group to consistently draw criticism from Donald J. Trump are those black sons of bitches.

The current tweet storm is about black football players not adhering to the deplorables’ version of patriotism. It’s a false version because kneeling during the national anthem does not make anyone less of an American anymore than standing during that song makes someone a great American.

It’s a false narrative meant to obscure the fact that Colin Kaepernick, (Mr. Take-a-Knee) was trying to bring attention to an alarming trend of unarmed black men being shot to death by police officers.

For more on that, please click HERE.

The above is just a backdrop to the disheartening sham of a presidency we call the Trump administration, but it’s not the focus of this piece.

Trump’s escalation of threats traded with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un are both childish and frightening. His version of I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I could actually start a war.

Even with the most powerful military on Earth, there is no way to prevent death and destruction from raining down upon South Korea.  It could even destroy Trump World Seoul.

Trump’s threats are only related to perceived aggression. It’s about a sovereign nation testing weapons for its own defense and what Donald J. Trump thinks they might do in the future.

Let’s not minimize the danger of North Korea, but it’s a lot of tweets for something that might never occur.  A functional state department lead by a non-tweeting president could find ways to work that out.


With all that saber rattling, why has Trump done nothing about a hostile nation which has, in fact attacked us? Why does he insist that the Russia investigation is a hoax?

The entire U.S. intelligence community, the U.S. Congress and intelligence agencies around the world agree that Russia meddled in our 2016 presidential election. They didn’t just hack Democratic computers, they attempted hacks into most of our states’ election apparatus.

Russian operatives co-opted social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to create division and distrust among American citizens.

Russia may not have launched missiles at us, but the destructive power or their cyber assaults may ultimately prove to be much worse. This is not about Donald J. Trump, Hillary Clinton, Republicans, Democrats or James Comey.

This is about the survival of America as we know it.

Trump makes everything about himself, his ratings and the size of his crowds. He can not put aside his ego long enough to fulfill the one promise required of every incoming president, to uphold the Constitution.

For once, Don, put America first. It’s the one promise that you can actually keep.

Don’t make Merriam-Webster put your picture next to the word, “jackass.”

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