Winston Churchill Deplored the Average Voter Without Ever Having Met Marlene G

Winston Churchill Deplored the Average Voter Without Ever Having Met Marlene G
image: BBC - Brian Cox as Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill said a lot of memorable things and you can read some of them HERE.  His quotes are timeless, but one is more timely now than ever:

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

There were some interesting comments on my recent post “Embracing Nazism May be Trump’s Best Shot at Re-election” , but one from Marlene G. was a disturbing validation of Churchill’s (above) quote.

She starts off, “… I cannot and will not condone the unfair and violent ‘Trump bashing‘…”

This part is bizarre on many levels, but then she goes on to say, “I like what he has accomplished since his presidency.” and

Why isn’t somebody complaining about the humongous money wasted shlepping the Obamas around the world at the cost of tax payers for 8 long fucking years!

This last one is funny.  She’s asking a question, but is so infected with Trumpism that she ends it with an exclamation point.

Who is Marlene G  to condone or not condone anything?  Is she qualified to pass judgement on anyone?  Good questions.

Marlene clearly likes to ride the “high horse” with that “cannot and will not” stuff and she sprinkles dramatic hyperbole on drivel and ranting to give it import.

What she calls “Trump bashing” is people expressing their opinions according to their 1st Amendment right. Those afflicted with Trumpism take exception to anyone that is not complimentary to the Baboon in Chief.

Trump calls the media “fake news” and goofballs like Marlene G go along with that, even though most of the stuff said about him is recorded in his own words.

Regarding Charlottesville, he said, “..on many sides. On many sides” and that there were “fine people” marching next to Nazis, Klansman and white supremacists. We have the videos.

While Trump and Marlene G may think it’s unfair for people to call him out on his lies, racism, anti-American, anti-poor, old and sick policies, it is entirely fair.  In fact, it is our civic duty.

If Marlene considers my humble little blog to be “violent Trump bashing,” I can try to hit the keys a little softer.

Incredibly, Marlene likes what Trump has accomplished, which is NOTHING.  Nothing, except for dismantling America.

Everything he has undone is harmful to the average American and beneficial only to the wealthiest, which must appeal to Marlene G.

Trump claims credit for appointing a Supreme Court Justice, but it was Mitch McConnell who stonewalled President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, teeing up the nomination for the next president, whoever that would have been.

Garland was a Republican-endorsed justice before being nomination by President Obama. Did I mention that?

Trump claims to have built up our nuclear arsenal since taking office. Only an idiot would believe that.

While it was President Obama who set in motion the protocols necessary to modernize the nukes, it is estimated that it will take 30 years and over $1 Trillion  for that upgrade to be completed.

Our nuclear arsenal remains just as it was before Trump took office, just as job growth remains the same. Actually, job growth under Trump is a little less than it was under President Obama.

Back in July Trump claimed to have added 100,000 coal jobs to an industry that, right now employees less than 70,000 in TOTAL.

It’s all pure BS and gullible people like Marlene G are eating it up.

The XL pipeling, IF it gets completed will be using RUSSIAN steel.

The $300 Billion deal Trump said he did with Saudi Arabia exists only in his mind.  All they said was that they would “look into” doing future deals.

The part where Marlene complains about the cost of President Obama’s travels is pure Trumpism. Barack Obama is not currently president, why would anyone complain about the cost of his travels.  (They did it plenty when he was in office)

The Obamas, however generally traveled as a family. Their children were young and not jetting around the world by themselves.

President Obama did not have a couple of weekend retreats and a home in New York to protect.

The Trump kids are flying all over the world on Trump family business and we are paying for it. The Secret Service is running out of money.

The kicker, though is that Trump is charging us for use of his facilities, including his golf carts.

I don’t know if Marlene G is the “average voter” that Winston Churchill had in mind, but her brand of uninformed, self-righteousness represents a danger to a democratic state.

While Marlene G is busy not condoning those who write in defense of American values, she has no problem condoning a president who shares the Oval Office with Nazis and Russians.

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