JEWS GET OUT: A Message From Donald J. Trump, Even To Jews Who Pretend Not To Be

JEWS GET OUT: A Message From Donald J. Trump, Even To Jews Who Pretend Not To Be
image: Yad Vashem

Donald J. Trump sent a message loud and clear to anyone not willing to make excuses for our excuse of a president.

If you’re not one of those Mike-Pence-what-he-really-meant types, you heard an unmistakable message from Charlottesville, Virginia to Bedminster, New Jersey.

“Blut und Boden” roughly translates to “blood and soil.’ It was the Nazi chant of the 1930’s and it was the Nazi chant in Charlottesville, VA this past weekend.

“Blood and soil” is the Nazi version of Donald Trump’s birtherism. It means, “you are not one of us.”

Jews who have gotten comfy here in America, turning their backs on their heritage, should remember one thing: It CAN happen again.

David Duke said it clearly and unmistakably. The Nazis, Klansmen, White Nationalists and whatever other hate groups showed up in their “Make America Great Again” hats were there to fulfill the promises of Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s initial response to the violence in Charlottesville contained the words, “in the strongest possible terms.” That was ironic, since his condemnation of hate groups was not just in the weakest of terms, it was non-existent.

When Trump said that hatred was “..on many sides. On many sides” he was equating the hate groups on one side with the anti-hate group on the other side. That is the most dangerous kind of lie.

The objects of hate are not responsible for the hatred spewing from the other side. Hatred is a human flaw, a cancer that needs to be cut out of humanity.

Equating hate groups with the object of their hate is a common practice of the alt right. It is the refrain of Holocaust deniers and those who would hold Jews responsible for their own extermination.

When Trump came out more than two days later with his half-hearted, reluctant condemnation of Nazis and the KKK, he looked like every hostile witness you’ve ever seen on Law and Order.

The fact that he only read those words to appease the media was born out by his own tweet: “Fake news media will never be satisfied.”

The fact that Trump lashed out at Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier within minutes of Frazier resigning from the President’s manufacturing council shows that he can act quickly and forcefully when he wants to.

The fact that he only condemned the black guy for quitting his council may show something else. The guys from Intel and Under Armour who quit were white.

If Jews didn’t notice that Trump’s repudiation of hatred was half-hearted, Richard Spencer did. He made it clear that he felt that Trump’s words were a tacit endorsement of White Nationalism.

Modern day Jews may not remember the meaning of Kristallnacht. They would do well look it up and remember that Donald J. Trump could successfully call for a Kristallnacht with just one tweet.

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