Is It Possible That Even the Most Progressive Among Us Can Suffer a Bout of Deplorability?

Is It Possible That Even the Most Progressive Among Us Can Suffer a Bout of Deplorability?
Pizzagate: The lie that keeps on giving

If you’ve been here before, you know that I’ve been rippin’ on Donald Trump since he first threw his hair into the presidential race back in June of 2015.  I’ve had only contempt for the man since 2011.

I was also quick to snatch up and use the term “Basket of Deplorables,” first coined by my girl Hillary in September of 2016. While she later apologized for using that pejorative to describe part of our electorate, I found it to be a perfect descriptive.

I have, over the past two years relentlessly bashed those who support Donald J. Trump as being grossly uninformed, misinformed and gullible to the point of stupidity.

Throughout the campaign of 2016 – and even now – I get the most ridiculous emails detailing outlandish liberal conspiracies that no sane person could possibly believe.

And yet, they believe them. Here I would reference the case of the lunatic who walked into a pizzaria in D.C. and fired an AK 47 because he believed that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the broom closet.

As crazy as that conspiracy sounds to anyone capable of critical thought, it was a conspiracy touted by our one time National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, as well as his son, Michael Flynn, Jr.

What is it about namesake sons that makes them even goofier than their goofy fathers?

All of this nonsense gave me a sense that “our side” was smart and well-informed while the other side was stupid and uninformed. To me, the other side automatically believed any headline that disparaged our side and immediately forwarded it on to the rest of the crazies.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that our side can be guilty of some of the very same stuff.

Yesterday I published a piece entitled, “FBI Probe Uncovers Hidden Clinton Emails Detailing Conspiracy With Iran.”  In retrospect, I can see where that headline could have been problematic.

My intention was to grab the attention of both sides, each one racing down to find out if their nemesis (or their candidate) was in serious trouble.  Apparently, I am not as well versed in the ways of human nature as I once thought.

And by “once thought,” I mean before yesterday.

To make a long story short, if it’s not too late for that, I posted my little blog on a couple of progressive websites and was immediately bombarded with some seriously nasty comments.

It seems that some of my brothers and sisters, my fellow progressives read only the headline and turned on me like a pack of wolves. They accused me of being a troll and that was the nicest of all the things they called me.

One lovely lady said, “Look here…this was posted by Bob Abrams….ta da.”

I don’t know what that was supposed to mean, but I took it as having something to do with my name sounding Jewish and it having something of an anti-Semitic connotation.  If I’m wrong and that person reads this, perhaps you could enlighten me.

Anyway, we’re down here where I try to make my point, which is that we’re all human. We’re all subject to the same pitfalls, traps and hubris. We shouldn’t be pointing fingers at the other side, calling them uninformed lemmings unless we work hard to keep our own horizons open.

One way to do that is to scroll down a couple of paragraphs before we draw any conclusions from headlines.  Let’s try to always “drill down,” as they say.

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