FBI Probe Uncovers Hidden Clinton Emails Detailing Conspiracy With Iran

FBI Probe Uncovers Hidden Clinton Emails Detailing Conspiracy With Iran

The headline above is FALSE.  I made it up and I had to move the part where I say it’s false up here because people were only reading the headline and sending me nasty emails.  Hopefully, that will soon be the subject of a future blog.

All of us read headlines through the lenses that color our world views.  Some more than others.  We have to work to be objective.

If you’re a Hillary hater, your initial reaction was, “Yeah, I knew she was crooked, lock her up.”

You may have already forwarded this to your fellow Hillary haters, because you didn’t read below the headline.

If you’re a Trump hater, you’re going to have mixed feelings about the headline. You won’t have to worry about this new revelation killing her chances in the election, that ship has sailed.

You may be saying to yourself, “Damn, what the hell were they thinking?”

It’s easy to see how quickly we can be influenced by a barrage of salacious headlines and “breaking news.”

There’s a point to this little piece though and I’m going to get to it right now.  Thank you for sticking around.

When I explore my feelings about an issue, I try to look at it from the other side, flip things around, as it were.

For example, I could argue either side of the abortion issue.

While I have become more averse to the idea of abortion, I don’t think any woman should be forced to carry a fetus in her uterus for nine months and I don’t think it’s the sort of thing that should be decided by a room full of angry, old white men, many of whom voted for Viagra to be covered by insurance.

As I’ve always told my kids, objectivity demands that we try to see things from the other guy’s side.  If you think the media is the real Russia problem, try flipping it around for a minute and see if you still feel the same way.

Let’s say, for the moment that Hillary Clinton won the election of 2016.  Then you find out that her National Security Adviser not only had ties to Russia, but lied about it.  You’d be making “Lock Her Up” signs as fast your little magic marker would permit.

Her Secretary of State has close ties to Vladimir Putin and was given the highest honor Russia could confer on a foreigner AAANND her Attorney General and Chelsea’s husband both had secret meetings with Russians and lied about having those meetings.

Simply put, everyone in the whole Clinton entourage had close ties to Russia and tried to conceal that fact. Would you think that was important?  Would you, in fact say that you see a pattern?

Just as your blood is starting to boil, you find out that Chelsea Clinton met with a group of Russians who promised to deliver dirt on Trump that came directly from the Russian government because she “loves it.”

If you, Mr. or Ms. Trump supporter wouldn’t have a problem with any of that, then you are lying to yourself.  It’s a VERY big deal.

Russia is not our friend. She may not be an enemy in the way that Germany and Japan were during World War II, but she is an enemy, nonetheless.

We knew that Russia has been busy trying to influence elections around the world long before Donald Trump threw his hair into the presidential ring.  This is not about Trump, except in the way that he thinks everything is about him.

As GOP Senator John Cornyn (TX) said on Meet The Press, it’s a mistake to personalize the issue. It’s about Russia using “espionage, cyber attacks and propaganda to undermine public confidence in our elections and our institutions.” It’s “about Russia vs the United States.”

We could list every way over the last decade that Donald Trump has shown favor to his Mother Russia, but we won’t. If all the connections to Russia within the circle of Trump are coincidental, those coincidences are the most carefully planned in the history of coincidences.

All I’m saying here is to give it a try.  Flip this thing around and see how you would feel if all this was going on within a Clinton administration.

There must be something we can all see in the same light, especially when it comes to an attack against the country we all love.

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