James Comey May Be a Boy Scout, But He Sure Acts Like a Girl Scout Sometimes

James Comey May Be a Boy Scout, But He Sure Acts Like a Girl Scout Sometimes
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I couldn’t believe what I was watching last July as James Comey delivered his now infamous address to the nation.  It was, at the very least, unprecedented.  His October surprise solidified his place in FBI lore, but not in a good way.  Comey was a problematic FBI director, but the timing of his firing suggests an obstruction of justice on a level not seen in generations. 

Undoubtedly, Donald Trump initiated Comey’s firing.  He tasked Attorney General Jeff Sessions with the deed, who then farmed it out to his deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein.  Plausible deniability, and all that.  Rosenstein’s recommendation is a flimsy attempt to legitimize what amounts to a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for Trump.

Without further ado, here is a blog originally posted in this space on October 30, 2016:

James Comey has been called a “Boy Scout” by those who seem to think that he is above reproach.  Maybe the Boy Scout thing refers to his self-righteous TV persona or it could just be that haircut.

In any case, I find his behavior more closely aligned with Girl Scouts than with Boy Scouts and I hope that doesn’t sound too gender stereotypical.

It’s possible that FBI Director James Comey has done more to tarnish the image of the FBI than J. Edgar Hoover’s collection of cocktail dresses and slingback pumps.

He may even have caused Efram Zimbalist, Jr. to roll over in his grave.

When Comey announced the results of the Clinton email investigation back in July, he could have sent out a memo saying that after a thorough investigation of thousands of emails, the FBI found no evidence of criminal or prosecutable activity.

Instead, he chose to thrust himself into the spotlight with a long and confusing recounting of mind-numbing details. It was like being forced to watch a video of sausage making instead of getting the hot dog you really want.

Even more perplexing was Comey’s interjection of random opinions, speculation and conjecture. It was like a radiologist sending a doctor his report saying that he found no broken bones, but the patient had bad teeth and mustard stains on his shirt.

Republicans thought that Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook, but the truth is that while he found no evidence worth sending to a prosecutor, he excoriated her in a bad report card.  Comey’s brief statement that the FBI’s exhaustive search found nothing worth prosecuting was completely overshadowed by his self-righteous condemnation of Clinton and her staff.

Most puzzling was Comey’s pronouncement that Clinton’s server was probably hacked because they found no evidence that it was hacked. You can, if so inclined read the transcripts of Comey’s remarks HERE.

When Comey sent his message to congressional committees on Friday he said that he didn’t want to give voters the wrong impression and yet, that’s exactly what he did.

A person in Comey’s position might have known that the stock market would react adversely to the news, which it did. The S&P dropped 20 points.

A person in Comey’s position might have known that Donald Trump would do what he always does, take a smidgen of truth and twist it into a mountain of lies. Which he did.

A person in Comey’s position should understand that there is a good reason for the FBI’s policy of not releasing this kind of information within 60 days of a national election. Apparently, he does not.

Since when does the FBI share information with the public about ongoing investigations?  Why would the FBI director make himself the focal point of an investigation and why aren’t those techs tracking down ISIS emails and shutting down their websites?

None of this should be about FBI Director James Comey.  He should spend less time worrying about what he said to Congress and about covering his six.

The truth is that James Comey had no idea what those emails say.  At the time Comey sent that letter, the FBI didn’t even have a warrant to read those emails.

The truth is that during their investigation of Anthony Weiner they ran across emails that may or may not be pertinent to their previous investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

One has to ask one’s self why James Comey would proffer such conjecture, contrary to FBI policy and procedure at such an inauspicious time.  If Comey’s objective was to reinforce the negativity he had cast upon Candidate Clinton back in July, he certainly succeeded.

A number of theories might pop into a fertile, cynical mind.

Was someone’s account in the Cayman Islands holding a large short position in S&P options?

Did Paul Manafort find a way to influence the head of the FBI, either through intimidation or financial reward?

-You remember Paul Manafort, don’t you?  He was Trump’s campaign manager until it leaked out that he was in bed with Russian oligarchs and mass murdering tyrants.

I don’t believe that James Comey is a Boy Scout, but I also don’t believe that his actions on Friday were criminally motivated.  We may never know.  It could be just as simple as a man caught in a bad spot making a bad choice.

One thing is sure, James Comey is going to be answering questions well into the foreseeable future.

That’s going to be it for me for a while. A non-nondescript sedan just pulled into my driveway and four men in dark suits and sunglasses are getting out.

I’d like to get the door before they ring the bell and wake up the dogs.

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