Remember When All We Had to Worry About was Trump Violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution Every Single Day He's in Office?

Remember When All We Had to Worry About was Trump Violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution Every Single Day He's in Office?

Remember when we were worried about President-elect Trump violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution from the moment he took office?

A little scary to think that those were the good old days, isn’t it?

That Donald Trump is in violation of the Emoluments Clause is beyond equivocation. Whatever clever legal arguments his lawyers will make, he is receiving payments from foreign governments. Big payments.

Just a month after Trump’s election, Kuwait’s Ambassador Salem Al-Sabah canceled their National Day celebration at Washington, DC’s Four Seasons and booked Trump’s new hotel for his 600 guests.

Al-Sabah was quoted as saying, “Why not?”

Multiply that little soiree by all the properties Trump owns all over the world and you can see that even if it’s completely unintentional or “innocent,” Donald Trump will be raking in millions from officials of foreign governments.

The fact that his boys, Heckle and Jeckle are supposedly running the business doesn’t change things one little bit. With Trump’s vast real estate and business holdings, a blind trust would be useless, but they don’t even have that.

Imagine putting an apple in a brown paper bag and then pretending that you don’t know what’s in the bag.

Add to the mix Jared Kushner and Ivanka sitting in on meetings with heads of state from around the world, all of those leaders looking to find favor with the administration and you can see that the Emoluments Clause is not just being violated, it’s being annihilated.

Concerns about the Emoluments Clause, however may be the least of our concerns. As it turns out, the United States of America may well be under the control of Vladimir Putin.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, try closing your eyes and naming five people in the Trump administration that do not have some history or ties to Russia.

Don’t worry if you can only name two or three, that’s about all there is.

It could just be a coincidence that Michael Flynn had a long and secretive relationship with Vladimir Putin. It could be another coincidence that Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross owns a bank in Cyprus where Russian oligarchs launder their money.

Since we could only name two or three people in Trump’s circle without ties to Russia, you can extrapolate that just about every other person in his circle have well documented ties to Vladimir Putin and/or Russia.

Please feel free to contact me for the complete list.

One thing you may have in common with Donald Trump is that you never heard of Paul Manafort until Trump named him as his campaign manager. Of course, Manafort came highly recommended, having worked for a Ukranian puppet of Vladimir Putin.

Is it even worth wondering who could have recommended Mr. Manafort so highly and so forcefully.

Then there’s all the other stuff we keep reading about, like taxpayers on the hook for about $1 Million a day to protect Melania. Things like the Secret Service being stretched thin trying to protect all of Trump’s globe trotting offspring.

We just spent upwards of a hundred grand to send Eric Trump to Uruguay to do Trump family business and we paid to have his little entourage stay in a Trump hotel.

Remember that thing about putting an apple in a brown paper bag?

You may have voted for Donald Trump because he promised to “drain the swamp.” Does it seem like swamp draining to you when most of his cabinet members are billionaires with ties to Goldman Sachs?

Now everyone’s talking about Trump’s very presidential Commander-in-Chief-like missile strike in Syria. $60 Million worth of Tomahawk missiles that did so little damage to Syria as to be mostly negligible.

The narrative is that Trump was sending a message, to whom I’m not sure. If to Assad, then it was telling him that it’s OK to murder 500,000 of his citizens, just do it with the right kind of weapons.

How a mostly impotent missile strike is proportional to the kind of suffering caused by sarin gas is probably above my pay grade. That it drew Russian warships into the South China Sea is curious.

The upshot of all of this renewed tension with Russia may result in our lifting of sanctions against them. Which may have been the master plan all along.

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