Trump Supporters Still Believe He Steals From Everyone Else and Passes the Savings on to Them

Trump Supporters Still Believe He Steals From Everyone Else and Passes the Savings on to Them

Trump supporters are a complex and inscrutable lot. Drawn to the master showman, they hear something in his words that speaks only to them.

I knew a guy who either modeled himself after Donald Trump or suffers the same genetic mutation. Both men have been successful and they are both examples of sociopathy at its worst.

During three decades of wealth accumulation, Mr. Davidoff regaled me with stories of the way he used the system to advance his goals at the expense of others.

Mr. Davidoff, too has a very casual relationship with truth, always tweaking events to highlight his own “brilliance.”

Despite all that, I thought that I enjoyed a special relationship with Mr. Davidoff.  I had saved his job at the beginning of his career and when he hit a speed bump, my wife offered him a blank check to get back on track.

For 25 years I listened to Mr. Davidoff’s self-aggrandizement, sideways view of the world and general misunderstanding of anything complicated with amusement.  As Mr. Davidoff’s wealth grew, so did his belief in his inanity as “brilliance.”

It was only after I went into business with Mr. Davidoff that I realized that he wasn’t going to “steal from everyone else and pass the savings on to me.” All too quickly it became evident that I was just another person to be manipulated and utilized to achieve his goals.

Trump supporters don’t care about his constant and compulsive lying because they believe he will keep his promise to them, whatever it is they think he promised them. That, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

In his book, Trump explains how he routinely borrows money from banks with the intention of defaulting on those loans. You can call it wheeling and dealing or anything else to make it sound cool, but the two words that describe it best are lying and stealing.

Lying is Donald Trump’s modus operandi and he has not only continually demonstrated it, he has repeatedly admitted it.

If you are a coal miner waiting for Trump to give you back your job, wait no longer. That job is never coming back. Coal as a fuel source is not going to have a resurgence and, if it does the coal companies will find ways of getting that coal out of the ground that doesn’t include you.

They went to strip mining to eliminate 80% of the workers necessary for deep tunnel mining.

If Trump is coal’s friend, that friendship extends to the coal companies, not to out-of-work miners. Thanks to him, coal companies can dump their waste into your drinking water, just as they have been dumping on you all these years.

The same applies to all workers. Your jobs didn’t go to China and they’re not coming back. Most of the jobs that disappeared in America were lost to automation and technological advancements, which makes Trump’s budget proposal all the more disappointing.

At a time when we need to be training and re-training American workers for today’s job demands, Trump is proposing major cuts to education. He’s also replacing Meals on Wheels with meals at Mar-a-Lago, but that’s another issue.

Cutting off services and support for those who need it the most and cutting taxes for those who need it the least is also part of Trump’s grand plan.

Trump ran on an anti-Goldman Sachs agenda, yet he’s filled his cabinet with so many Goldman people he could hold a board meeting in the Oval Office.

Regardless of the fact that Mexico is NOT paying for a 2,000 mile, 30-foot wall, if it ever does materialize it will be a monument to stupidity.

Net immigration from Mexico is zero and that wall will do nothing to stop the flow of drugs or terrorists into the U.S..

There are more than 100 ports of entry into the U.S. where hundreds of thousands of tons of goods arrive with only about 3% of it subjected to inspection. Trump’s solution to that is to cut funding to the Coast Guard.

Trump promised to make America safe, yet all evidence shows that he has made America and the world less safe than it’s been in decades.  He promised to make America great again, but by diminishing the office of the president, he has diminished the stature of America in the eyes of the world.

Trumpcare, up for a vote in the House of Representatives on Thursday will cost millions their health coverage and transfer hundreds of billions of dollars from working class Americans to the ultra rich.

If you voted for Trump because you think he’s going to be a good friend to Israel, you got duped.  Only Russians will be rewarded with a president friendly to their homeland.

Trump lied about President Obama (AGAIN) wiretapping Trump Tower and he lied about the British abetting that crime.

It’s time to face the facts; this so-called president is a low life liar, draining the economy, not the swamp.

For another take on Donnie’s veracity, please read David Leonhardt’s article, “All the President’s Lies.”

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