And the Oscar for the Most Overrated Performance by a So-called President Goes to...

And the Oscar for the Most Overrated Performance by a So-called President Goes to...
Image: Erick Yeh

Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday night earned high marks from many of his fake news arch rivals, some going so far as to call Trump’s performance “normal.”

If you were watching Fox News after the address, you might have heard those 75 grueling minutes described as something between the Gettysburg Address and Ronald Reagan saying, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

That last one’s probably a bad comparison, Trump would never say anything so harsh to Russia’s leader.

As usual, the speech was mostly rated along party lines, but the pundits seem to agree that Trump looked very “presidential.”  More on that in about 30 seconds.

I watched the speech a couple of times, some individual clips I watched a few times. During one 15-minute segment I turned the sound off just to watch Trump’s body language.

I’m no doctor-although I studied a little pharmacology in the 70’s- and I would be willing to shave my head if I’m wrong, but that guy was on a triple dose of Xanax.

As a matter of fact, a high level government official may have said that Kellyanne Conway’s new official title is Presidential Xanax Dispenser.

As for Trump looking presidential, I did notice that he had his suit jacket uncharacteristically buttoned up for the occasion. Other than that, I think the very fact that we’re commenting on a president’s presidentiality is befuddling.

Have you ever heard anyone comment on how “doctor-ish” their doctor looks?  And when was the last time you heard anyone use the word “befuddling”?

At every level of our society, we expect professionals to act…well, professional. Lawyers, accountants, dentists, even HVAC guys.

Everyone seems to behave with a level of decorum and professionalism appropriate to their job.  Why is it that we act like we just landed men on Mars when our president acts presidential?  Isn’t that the bare minimum?

How many stories do you hear about the millions of people who go to work every day, do their jobs and behave as expected?

People normally get noticed when they’re out of line, when their actions are not in accordance with societal expectations.  The phrase, “going postal” comes to mind.  How did we get here?

There are few people on this planet for whom I have less respect than Donald Trump, but I had no doubt that he had the ability to stand before Congress in a dignified manner and read from a teleprompter, which he did.

I also had no doubt that he would lie his ass off, something else that he did and I’ll be discussing that in the next installment.

It’s been mentioned that I’ve been a bit wordy lately, so I’m going to end now.  I hope it makes me look more bloggerish.

Have a great weekend.  Let’s try not to talk politics for a couple of days.

Oh, yeah, did you hear who else lied about talking to the Russians?

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