Sean Spicer Accepts Role as Vladimir Putin's Chief Spin Doctor

Sean Spicer Accepts Role as Vladimir Putin's Chief Spin Doctor

Sean Spicer kicked off the new year by defending his real boss, Vladimir Putin and by standing up for the country to which he seems to owe his greatest allegiance; Russia.

If you’re not familiar with Sean Spicer, he’s the Republican strategist about to assume two roles in the nascent Trump administration. Spicer will be the White House Press Secretary as well as its Communications Director.

In a sense, Spicer will be his own boss. Being full of enough crap to fill both of those positions makes him uniquely qualified.

If you Google Sean Spicer you might see things like this:

Ryan Evans: “If Sean Spicer is going to carry Putin’s water, he should at least have the decency to resign his commission in the Navy Reserve”

Steven Metz: “Sean Spicer’s strategy seems to be if you toss enough enormous BS, people won’t notice the middle sized BS”

James K.A. Smith: ” Every time Sean Spicer uses the word “logical,” Aristotle rolls over in his grave.”

When Spicer talks, it’s hard to tell if he’s an idiot or just a man without a conscience. Spicer takes spin to a level where it’s never been, his mouth seemingly disengaged from any form of reason or accountability.

On Sunday Spicer announced that the true culprit of the 2016 presidential election was Hillary Clinton. He said that we need to investigate the way she manipulated the election. Is it possible that Spicer is not aware of the outcome of that election?

Spicer alleged that Secretary Clinton was given access to questions prior to one or more of the presidential debates.  Spicer should read Megyn Kelly’s upcoming memoir, where she recounts Fox’s attempts to get her to ease up on Trump.

None of that, though is part of our democratic process, none of it has significant influence in our elections. To compare presidential debates, which are mostly a network ratings game with Russian hacking of EITHER of our political parties is like comparing the Superbowl to the Korean War.

No equivalency. None. Presidential debates are like reality TV, like The Apprentice.

One thing we can say about Spicer is that he knows how to toe the party line. The problem is that it’s the Communist Party, or whatever party happens to be in charge over in Russia these days.

According to Spicer, Trump really does know more about high tech hacking than…the people who actually know about that suff. Trump may even let us in on the secret of the DNC hack, something only he was able to figure out.

It takes a buffoon to say out loud that he knows more about hacking than all the experts, especially when his position on computers is that they’re confusing.

It takes a special kind of imbecile, though to put just the right spin on that kind of stupidity and Sean Spicer seems to fit that bill.

Spicer also has unprecedented chutzpah, which is why he’s going to do just fine in his dual role.  He looked right into the cameras and said that President Obama overreacted to Russia’s interference in the American democratic process.  Say that to yourself and see how it sounds:

The President of the United States overreacted to a foreign government interfering with the foundation of our democracy.

Maybe it’s all in how you frame it.  Spicer said that Trump’s reaction to the above would be more measured, not like that black guy who goes off all half cocked and shoots from the hip.

One can only hope that Sean Spicer is never taken seriously.

By the way, anybody think the January 11 press conference Don announced today is actually going to happen?

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