Donald Trump Promises to Keep Intelligence Out of His Administration

Donald Trump Promises to Keep Intelligence Out of His Administration
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Donald Trump’s war with America’s intelligence community may turn out to be a metaphor describing his entire presidency. A presidency many Americans hope will be cut short due to egregious violations of the Constitution beginning on January 20, 2017.

There may be as many ways to write an article or blog as there are people who write them. I think that generally, most people either write a story and then think of an appropriate title, or they start with a title and then use that as the framework for their story.

I fall into the latter category, starting first with a title and then letting it guide the story. I try to weave my tale in a way that brings it back to the starting point, but sometimes the story winds up far enough from the title that it needs a new one.

I published one on New Year’s Eve about the recent U.N. vote on Israeli settlements that took a left turn right out of the gate. My wife was kind enough to point out that the story didn’t really stick to the story line as set forth by the title.

It was an executive decision I made, it being New Year’s Eve and all and we had started celebrating a little early. You can read that story by clicking HERE if you’d like to see for yourself.

Today’s title, “Donald Trump Promises to Keep Intelligence Out of His Administration” seems to complete the story all by itself. At first read, it’s pretty funny. At least to me.

And then it’s not. Funny, that is.

Depending on how you interpret the meaning of that title, you may find it concerning in many ways. With just a few exceptions, there is very little regard for facts or critical thought within the coming Trump administration.

There’s also very little regard for information gathered by the non-partisan men and women who put themselves at risk to defend the security of our nation. No different than the men and women who comprise our military.

Which of these situations is the more dire is anyone’s guess.

I’m going to write the full story over the weekend and publish it under one of the two following titles:

1. “Donald Trump Will Nominate Julian Assange for Newly Created Position of Security Czar

2. “Donald Trump to Post Guards Around White House to Enforce Fact Free Zone

You can let me know which one you like best and I’ll try to work with that. Until then, enjoy the first full weekend of 2017.

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