Donald Trump May be Too Stupid to Appreciate Intelligence

Donald Trump May be Too Stupid to Appreciate Intelligence
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If you read my last piece, “Donald Trump Promises to Keep Intelligence Out of His Administration” , you know that it was a bit fluffy and that I promised to follow it up with something more comprehensive.

I even suggested a “readers’ choice” for the title of that piece, offering up the following two titles for your voting pleasure:

1. “Donald Trump Will Nominate Julian Assange for Newly Created Position of Security Czar”

2. “Donald Trump to Post Guards Around White House to Enforce Fact Free Zone”

Not to imply that there was a deluge of voting, there wasn’t, but those who bothered seemed to prefer the original title with a “Part II” addendum.

The problem I had writing this piece is that the humor of it seemed to wane as the New Year’s Day mimosa fest came to an end. It gets a little less funny every day.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL) was an early Trump supporter, pumping up the orange buffoon loudly and frequently on his AM radio show and podcasts. Apparently though, even Tea Baggers have their standards.

Last month Walsh weighed in on Trump’s love affair with Vladimir Putin and his refusal to admit that Putin ordered the hack of America’s democratic process. Walsh said that Trump was “acting like a third grader” and that his behavior was “almost treasonous.”

The treason part is over the top, but you can see Walsh on CNN by clicking HERE.

Think of the men and women of the FBI, CIA, NSA and the other fourteen intelligence agencies the way you think of our military, police, fire firefighters and all who voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way to protect us.  They deserve our thanks and our respect, not our scorn.

These people aren’t there to forward political agendas and they could make more in the private sector. For the most part, they are patriots who see the enemies of America as their enemies, and in a very personal way.

If anything, people in the intelligence community probably lean more to the right than to the left, so there is no reason to suspect them of any sort of Liberal agenda.

Donald Trump never served in the military, but he compared his Studio 54 party days to a Vietnam deployment. He compared the sacrifices of a family who lost a loved one on the battle field to the “sacrifices” he made enriching himself at the expense of others.

Trump has never served anyone other than himself, nor has he sacrificed anything for anyone.

If you think he is now going to serve you or this country, please allow me to show a beautiful bridge that would look great in your back yard.

Russia may not be the number one threat to America, but she certainly is the number one threat to much of Eastern Europe. To side with a man who has crushed democracy, invaded sovereign nations, killed his political enemies and committed war crimes too numerous to list over the dedicated men and women of America’s intelligence agencies is despicable.

A guy burning the flag in protest or kneeling during the national anthem can argue that he’s trying to right a wrong or call attention to an injustice.  What statement does it make for the guy who will soon be Commander-in-Chief to disparage America’s defenders and side with a homicidal tyrant?

For reasons that we may never know and contrary to common sense, Trump continues to defend President Vladimir Putin in the face of overwhelming evidence of his guilt.

How do you square that with his assault on the legitimacy of President Barack Obama in an absolute vacuum of any facts that would substantiate such claims?

I don’t know if he’s evil or stupid, but the risk to our country is the same.  Clearly he’s clever and cunning, but those may not be the most promising attributes for a guy with the nuclear codes.

Maybe Trump would have less of a problem with it if they would change the name of the business of collecting information to something less intimidating than “intelligence.”

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