What If the Arabs Have Made Concessions to Israel That Nobody Knows About?

What If the Arabs Have Made Concessions to Israel That Nobody Knows About?

We always talk about the Arabs making demands of Israel as a precursor to peace talks while refusing to make any concessions themselves. Is it possible that the so-called Palestinians have made concessions about which we have not heard?

The short answer is, “No.” A more complete answer might be, “What are you, nuts?”

During a discussion of the latest anti-Israel vote in the United Nations and Israel’s settlement policy in general, a friend brought up the possibility that concessions might have been made by the Arabs that nobody knows about.

It wasn’t the stupidest thing I heard last year (2016 was, after all the year of stupidity), but it would definitely make the highlight reel.  Clearly my friend had drunk some Kool-Aid, only time will tell if the toxic effects will be permanent.

One incontrovertible fact about the Arabs is that they’re highly skilled manipulators of the media, especially the foreign press. They’re like Muslim versions of Donald Trump, our Tweeter-elect.

Even if they didn’t make any concessions, the Arabs would have no problem pretending that they did, for propaganda sake. The fact that they’re not claiming any concessions speaks for itself.

Moreover, what would those concessions be? When Israel ceded land in Gaza in 2005, they physically went in there with bulldozers and kicked out the settlers. There’s real evidence of that concession.

Where’s the evidence of these imaginary Arab concessions?

To bolster her case about these mysterious gestures, my friend, who we’ll call Joan for now, offered the explanation that, “We just don’t know.

No, Joan, we don’t. Rest assured, though that if any so-called Palestinian offered to affirm Israel’s right to exist, we would know about it. Absent their willingness to even consider a future that includes the State of Israel, it’s pretty hard to imagine any sort of secret concession, especially one that hasn’t been leaked to the press.

We Liberals tend to want to see the so-called Palestinians as victims, underdogs to a powerful oppressor.  It’s an interesting way to characterize terrorism.  Almost makes me feel sorry for the guys who flew airliners into the World Trade Center.

My friend, Joan goes above and beyond the Liberal call of duty.  She rationalizes the “plight” of the so-called Palestinians based on the completely unfounded conjecture that they might do something that is not entirely despicable.

After all, as Joan said, “We just don’t know.” Isn’t that all the proof we need?

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