Was James Comey Working for the Russians or for Donald Trump?

Was James Comey Working for the Russians or for Donald Trump?
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FBI Director James Comey may have exhibited nothing more than poor judgement in the latter half of 2016. He may also have found himself in the midst of circumstances exceeding his ability to act in a reasonable manner.

After watching two seasons of House of Cards however, I have greater qualms about politicians than ever and the FBI is not above suspicion.

If Comey serves out his 10-year appointment, he will be with us for the next seven years. Despite all that has transpired since July (2016), this writer believes that America will be well served by Comey’s tenure.

He may be all that stands between America and a “Trump Gone Wild.”

I have written before about Director Comey, but I may not have presented his side of the story in the best light. You can read that piece HERE.

Facts, however are still facts. We can accept the outcome of the presidential election of 2016 while still trying to objectively understand the underlying forces that led to the outcome of that election.

If Donald Trump had lost the election, his spin machine would have blamed Billy Bush and they might have been right. There is no doubt that Trump’s poll numbers took a dive after we heard him detail his ability to commit sexual assault with impunity.

Elections turn on those kinds of revelations. Presidential hopeful Howard Dean was forced out of the 2004 primaries because of an ill-advised scream.

Fortunes can turn in an instant, politicians sometimes blindsided by their own words and deeds. For Trump and his minions to dismiss the liklihood that James Comey may have moved the needle in Trump’s direction is disingenuous, at best.

They know better.

One way to look at it is that FBI Director Comey was trying to pick boogers off of a shit sandwich, but still wound up with a shit sandwich for lunch. In the end, only James Comey will know what was going through his mind when he said what he said and when he did what he did.

It’s worth reminding ourselves here that the FBI is the Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION. That’s what they do, investigate. We rarely, if ever hear what they’re investigating and even less often hear the results of those investigations.

One might have expected a brief statement from the FBI after the conclusion of their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails in July, a subject that had been blown out of proportion to an astounding degree.

I’ll take Hillary’s emails over Donald’s tweets any day.

Instead of a brief statement, though we got a lengthy diatribe from the director of the FBI detailing the minutia of their investigation. For a public not familiar with such detailed reports, the length of Comey’s descriptions alone put a guilty spin on the findings.

Adding his personal speculation that Clinton was “extremely careless,” was outside the scope of the FBI’s findings. It was certainly beneath Director Comey. To many though, it was indictment enough.

Comey’s worst sin came in October, when he inexplicably linked the Clinton email investigation to the Anthony Weiner sexting investigation. The only thing we like more than a sex scandal is a sex scandal where the wife (Huma Abedin) is of Muslim descent.

What could possibly have done more to bolster Trump’s anti-Muslim, crooked Hillary message?

At the time Comey released this information, the FBI had not even obtained a warrant to read Weiner’s emails. They had absolutely no idea what those emails contained, but the damage had been done.

Politics is perception and if he hadn’t done it in July, Comey certainly pushed that perception past the point of no return in October.

One can only wonder what will be the October surprise of 2020.

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