The (Belated) Political Awakening of Frank Gambino

The (Belated) Political Awakening of Frank Gambino

You may not know Frank Gambino, but I can tell you that he is as fine an example of a husband, a father and a hard-working American as you can find.

Frank is a man of integrity who considers himself the “real deal.” I would have to admit though, that the one time I called upon Frank’s “real dealness,” it was MIA. I’m sure he had his reasons, as people invariably do.

Frank recently posted the following on my FB page and I feel obliged to respond to him and to all who might feel similarly (posting has been edited for length):

“… I have never voted for President until now as I am cynical about our political system. Anyone who rises to high levels of politics is one who caters to those with the money and power…. I did vote for Trump, not because he is better than the others…I voted for him because the system is biased against him…. Trump can shake the tree…better than any of the other candidates. Your perpetual bashing of him is proof of that…. Life is too short to be finger pointing. I chose to make the best possible difference in my normal walk of life. While I know it is the American way to bash a President that we do not vote for, I find the exercise to be futile and unproductive. Of all the people I have met in my life, you are at the pinnacle of my respect. I am so perplexed why you continue on this way….”

I believe that Frank is in the 50-55 year old range, which means that he has sat out 8 or 9 presidential elections. He certainly picked an interesting time to perk up his ears.

First and foremost, Frank you have to understand the relationship between the 1st Amendment and the life you enjoy. Not having a gun won’t cost you a thing, not having a free press will cost you your freedom.

In countries like Russia, China and North Korea there is no free press and people are not allowed to express their concerns.

As a self-proclaimed member of the fourth estate and a patriotic American, it is my civic duty to keep a magnifying glass on those who would undermine our democracy.

American citizenship offers freedoms and rights unavailable in many countries. Those freedoms and rights come with responsibilities and you have shirked your responsibility to vote for a number of years.  It’s not good enough to just complain that the system is broken.

In 22 countries voting is mandatory, 11 of those countries enforce that law with penalties and fines.

You said, “Anyone who rises to high levels of politics is one who caters to those with the money and power” and there is no denying that. There is also no denying that anyone who lives in 30,000 square feet overlooking 5th Avenue also caters to those with money and power.

In what universe would you think that the American system is biased against Donald Trump? He is where he is because of the American system and the media that he pretends is so dishonest.

Hitler shook trees. So did John Wayne Gacy and Bernie Madoff. Would you vote for them? Donald Trump is a proven liar and a morally bankrupt opportunist. How does that align with your values?

Trump has said it himself. He has been a major player in the very game that created the “swamp” that he has promised to drain. Except that he won’t, because he is part of that swamp.

Like Mitt Romney said, Trumps “promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.”

As a newcomer to political discourse, Frank, you don’t get to talk about finger-pointing. We’ve endured eight years of bashing a president whose main transgression was being black.

If Barack Obama had done or said any one of a hundred horrible things that Trump has done and said, he’d have been impeached and run out of town.

Donald Trump is not just the poster boy for self-dealing, conflicts of interest, his is the First Family of crime families. His interest is not in making America great again, his interest is in his interests.

In 2008 Donald Trump, Jr said, ““Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets.” In English, that means that Trump probably owes Russian oligarchs hundreds of millions of dollars.

You’re a guy who’s too smart to believe in coincidences.  Russian hacking, Rex Tillerson, Paul Manafort and Trump taking Russia’s side against 17 American intelligence agencies?  See a pattern?

The only question is if Trump can wipe out his Russian debt in just one term, after which he will call it quits. And that’s the best case scenario.

The worst case scenario with this guy is unthinkable.

PS   The word “president” isn’t capitalized unless it appears directly in front of a president’s name.


  1.  The president-elect is a jackass
  2.   President-elect Trump is a jackass

See the difference?

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