The Rape of America has Begun and Your Front Row Seats Have Been Canceled

The Rape of America has Begun and Your Front Row Seats Have Been Canceled

While constantly pointing at the Clintons and hurling slogans like “pay for play” and “quid pro quo,” it turns out that pay for play will be the theme of the Trump White House.

Donald Trump ran on the premise of going to Washington to “drain the swamp.” As we are quickly learning, Donald Trump IS the swamp and he is wasting no time dragging Washington into his quagmire.

He’s always pointing at something else to draw attention from his misdeeds. Just like he got into a Twitter war with Saturday Night Live and the cast of Hamilton to draw attention away from his $25 Million Trump U. fraud settlement.

Or terrorizing gun owners with the threat of losing their weapons while plotting to take away their newspapers.

Just 2 weeks after his election, Trump has already confirmed the worst fears of his critics and given us a glimpse at the grand scale of self-dealing we can expect from a President Trump.

Today his so-called foundation admitted to a policy of self-dealing.

President-elect Trump’s first meeting with a world leader was with Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe.  Present in the room was Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. Noticeably absent from the meeting were any members of the American press.

As a Trump supporter, you’re probably thinking that was a good thing, because the press always lies. You’re soon going to find out that it was a bad thing. A very, very bad thing on many levels.

Trump’s campaign against the press was a sustained and deliberate attempt to discredit real information (facts), replacing it with whatever he wants you to believe. Some of you have fallen for it, dismissing out of hand anything printed by legitimate news sources.

There’s a reason a free press is protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, the first paragraph of what we call the Bill of Rights. Without a free press, YOU are not free and you are subject to whatever propaganda your government chooses to feed you.

President-elect Trump has thwarted the ability and the inclination of his minions to see things for themselves, leading them to see things as he wants them to be seen.

For the record, the New York Times doesn’t always lie and the most damning things they printed about the Donald were always his own words.

Whether Ivanka Trump will be running her dad’s business or running her own business, she should not have presidential level access to the heads of foreign countries. I discussed this last week in my post, “Donald Trump Didn’t Just Make a Great Deal, He Made the Best One in History.”

On Saturday Trump hosted 100 foreign diplomats, feeding them Trump steaks, Trump water and monogrammed bath robes.

The implication was clear: You want to do business with me, stay in my hotel.

From a pragmatic point of view, no foreign diplomat is going to come into town and ask President Trump for special favors for his country after admitting to staying at J.W. Marriott.

As diplomats, the first thing they would say after being led into the Oval Office is, “I love your hotel.”

Trump has 500 businesses in 22 countries. He may not be able to coerce people to patronize all of his properties, but he may have to send U.S. troops into foreign countries to defend them.

By continuing his attacks on the press and circumventing the White House press corps, Mr. Trump plans to treat us like mushrooms.

Then again, if you voted for Trump, you probably don’t mind living in the dark and being fed a steady diet of shit.

Note: The original title for this piece was “Rape, Prestidigitation and the Vanishing 1st Amendment.” I couldn’t decide between the two, so let me know if you think I should change it back.

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