Congratulations President-elect Trump, I Wish You a Successful Presidency

Congratulations President-elect Trump, I Wish You a Successful Presidency

Congratulations Mr. Trump. I hope the next four years bring you nothing but success. Although I say those words with sincerity, I admit that they sound foreign to me and strange on many levels.

One thing is for sure, when you announced your intention to run for president last year, I could not imagine this day coming.

If you’ve read this space or any of my tweets, you know that you were not my candidate of choice. To be blunt, you were not even my human being of choice.

All that has changed now. You will soon be the President of the United States.

Most importantly to me, you will be my president. You will not be my president of choice, but you will be my president and the leader of my country.

As I write this, about 97% of the votes have been counted and Hillary seems to be ahead of you by about 200,000. That’s not to take anything away from you and your accumulation of electoral votes. It only underscores your challenge.

This is a divided nation and half of us woke up this morning with very heavy hearts.

I’m sure the same could have been said had Secretary Clinton won. Your job, as it would have been hers, is to bring hope to the other half come January 20.

Your closing arguments in this campaign focused on forgotten men and women. With a population of more than 330 million people, it’s likely that one group or another gets overlooked.

Turning half the population into forgotten men and women, though would do nothing to heal this nation.  It’s important to remember that the other half of us are real Americans, too.

We may not share all your values or have the same vision for our country as you do, but we are loyal, patriotic Americans, nonetheless.

On the day that Barack Obama took office, Mitch McConnell pledged to lead the Republican Party in a movement to derail the Obama presidency. I can’t think of anything more un-American. I find that tantamount to treason.

Truth be told, Mr. Trump, I thought your persistent birtherism smacked a bit of something verging on the edge of treason.

While I did not vote for you or want you to be elected, I sincerely hope you succeed. Your success is our nation’s success. Why would I want anything less?

In the 1986 movie, Gung Ho, there is a scene at the end where the Japanese owner (Mr. Sakamoto) of an American car manufacturing plant accuses the shop foreman of questioning his honor.

The shop foreman (Hunt Stevenson, played by Michael Keaton) tells Mr. Sakamoto that he was not questioning his honor, but he was counting on it.

President-elect Trump, congratulations on your victory. We are counting on your honor.

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