You May Think You're a Constitutionalist, but You're Really Just One of Trump's Poorly Educated Losers

You May Think You're a Constitutionalist, but You're Really Just One of Trump's Poorly Educated Losers

First of all, don’t blame me for calling you poorly educated. I could give you one of those, “If the shoe fits….” things, but the truth is Donald Trump is the one who gave you that name.

I’m not arguing with him on that particular score, but I certainly wouldn’t like being lumped in with a bunch of mental midgets. Even if the shoe fit.

As for the “loser” part, just go back and look at the way your Trumpness referred to people like you (not super-wealthy) prior to June 2015, before he decided he wanted your vote.

It’s a little bit scary seeing people like you running around with your pocket Constitutions, quoting parts of it that suit you, yet completely misunderstanding all or most of it.

It’s downright terrifying, though that the only constitutional rights being threatened are those contained in the 1st Amendment. Ironically, it’s Trump and his pocket constitutionalists threatening those rights.

There’s a good reason our Founding Fathers put the 1st Amendment first. Without it, there is no democracy. The only amendment these constitutional trolls care about is the 2nd one, which somehow conveys to them the right to carry around loaded weapons.

However you interpret the 2nd Amendment, no one is threatening it.

Mr. Trump and his poorly educated losers, however are a threat to the 1st Amendment and, therefore a threat to democracy. By creating a hatred of the press a (God forbid) President Trump would move to quiet voices of dissension and his minions would eat it up.

An article I posted on my Facebook page last week launched a running battle between two guys with too much time on their hands.

The vitriol was between a moderate named Robert and a member of the lunatic fringe named ToyWalker. Other than posting whatever article was at the center of that vitriolic discourse, I did not comment or reply to any of the comments.

With disgust and disdain for Robert and me (I’m RJ), Mr. Walker posted the following:

Robert, you and RJ are so intellectually dishonest it’s not even funny. I mean, really staggering beyond stupid levels. As a Constitutionalist, I definitely have you in my crosshairs when things go kinetic, due to your absurd dishonest thought processes!!!

Editors note to ToyWalker – The word “constitutionalist” is not capitalized. You may find things like grammar, history and education useless, but they help the rest of us understand the world around us and communicate with each other.

Anyway, Mr. Constitutionalist is going to kill me because of my “absurd dishonest thought process.” I’m no constitutionalist myself, but I’m pretty sure that would be a violation of my 1st Amendment rights.

I wonder if that’s something that James Comey and the FBI could investigate, now that they’ve exonerated Hillary Clinton and her emails.

These people are no different than ISIS or the Taliban. They pick and choose the parts of their religion or the Constitution that fit their twisted beliefs and discard the rest.

Article III of the Constitution establishes the Supreme Court. That part of the Constitution is only valid, though if the Court interprets the Constitution within the very narrow context of their beliefs.

Our rights, as established by the Constitution are inconsequential.

When they say they want a Supreme Court that will defend our rights, they mean that they want the Court to trample the rights of everyone who doesn’t think the way they do.

Most of these goofballs wouldn’t know an amendment from an appendix, but they know what they’re against.

They’re against automatic citizenship for anyone born in the United States. That’s the 14th Amendment. They’re not too big on the 4th Amendment, either. That’s the one that prohibits unreasonable searches. They’re good with those especially when those searches occur on the person of those who don’t look like them.

The constitutionalists want to protect their rights, but screw everyone who doesn’t want to live the way they (the constitutionalists) think they should live.  Above all, it seems they don’t want anyone exercising their 1st Amendment rights when it comes to expressing opinions different from theirs.

Here’s the deal, ToyWalker. If your man losing is going to get things going kinetic, then let the games begin. We’ll be watching you, too.

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