You May be Deplorable, but There's Still Time to Redeem Yourself

You May be Deplorable, but There's Still Time to Redeem Yourself

You may be in what Hillary Clinton described as a “basket of deplorables,” but all is not lost. There may be hope for you yet.

A lot of folks took offense at that whole deplorable thing but, hey, if the basket fits, you must admit (apologies to Johnny Cochran).  Besides, Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway agrees with Hillary.

For me, it’s personal, regarding both the candidate and his supporters.

Donald Trump has said many things during the past 16 months that in would have disqualified anyone else from any consideration whatsoever. Two struck me as so egregious that they should have earned him a beating. Maybe Joe Biden’s on to something.

We have several people in our small circle of family and friends with physical or developmental challenges. Trump mocking Serge Kovaleski, a reporter with a congenital condition was in the top 5 of the most deplorable things I’ve ever witnessed from a public figure, much less someone seeking the highest elected office in the world.

Trump’s excuse was almost as offensive, claiming that he didn’t know of Kovaleski’s condition. We’re supposed to believe that his flailing arm mockery was just a coincidence, especially since it was the first and only time we’ve seen him mock someone in that fashion.

Not that he isn’t always mocking someone.

I ride with a group of patriotic men and women who seek out opportunities to support America’s defenders and their families. We treat Gold Star families with the utmost deference and respect.

There is no defense of Trump’s attack on a grief stricken mother whose son sacrificed his life protecting his brothers-in-arms. If you’re willing to let that slide because the family in question happens to be Muslim, then you might want to look in the mirror and figure out exactly what it is you stand for.

It’s hard not to conflate all Trump supporters with one of many cliches, such as, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Or, “Be wary of the company you keep.”

Trump’s message from the beginning has been one of hate, divisiveness, xenophobia and white nationalism. He gained wide support from a variety of hate groups, which he was far too slow in disavowing.

Again, insulting our intelligence by saying he didn’t even know who they were.

Since he has offered nothing else but slogans and racist populism, I can see why the hate groups are attracted to him. I can’t see why anyone else is, so I’m left with message of hate, which includes anti-Semitism.

You’ll have to pardon me if I find that offensive and don’t join the Trump rally chant of “Jew-S-A.”

Trump has offered no real policies, only outrageous claims and improbable proposals. Assuming you’re not part of the white supremacist movement, what is it that attracts you to this baboon?

– Immigration? There will be no wall. It’s unlikely that the House Appropriations Committee would approve such a project and Mexico is certainly not paying for it. It will also be impossible to religion-test people coming into the U.S..

– Good businessman? By all accounts, Trump is just a mediocre businessman who stiffs his employees, contractors and creditors. Your tax dollars have funded his projects while he, himself has paid no tax. He even tried to avoid paying taxes on his casinos on the grounds that American Indians don’t pay taxes on casino profits.

– Bring back jobs? He could get a good start on this one just by not outsourcing the manufacture of all the crap he sells.

– Security? Trump had exactly ONE minor security briefing and he couldn’t wait to blab what he says was the CIA’s secret message to him.

– Taxes? Unless you’re very wealthy, he’s not going to help you and he’ll be adding Trillions to the national debt.

– Make America great again? When, in the previous 69 years has Donald Trump (or any of his “wonderful” children) done anything in the way of public service or shown any interest in anything other than their own affluence?

– Obamacare? Like with ISIS, he has no plan. If they repeal Obamacare, you better hope you never wind up with a pre-existing condition.

– Lying media? Trump wants to clamp down on journalists who are critical of him. The first thing to go in a dictatorship is a free press. Turkey is still arresting journalists critical of President Erdogan, who survived a coup attempt in July. There is no free press in China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Any of those places sound good to you?

– Abortion? Prior to June, 2015, you never heard Trump speak out against abortion. Quite the contrary, he had always expressed his belief in a woman’s right to choose

– Transparency? Where’s those tax returns? 1) Releasing his tax returns would have no impact on this imaginary audit he keeps talking about. 2) He could release returns for the years prior to the ones being auditied 3) He could produce the letter from the IRS advising him of the audit 4) He’s lying, there is no audit.

– 2nd Amendment? Stricter enforcement of gun laws is coming no matter who’s in the White House. Hillary doesn’t want your guns and you can’t disagree that bad actors shouldn’t have access to weapons of mass murder.

– Truthfulness? Independent fact checking organizations have determined that about 27% of what Hillary Clinton says is not exactly truthful. By comparison, Bernie Sanders strayed from the truth about 28% of the time. Donald Trump lies a whopping 73% of the time, or just about everytime his lips are moving.

Trump’s distortion of the truth and outright lies are the worst ever recorded for any candidate. Half the time he’s refuting his own statements.

Is it really possible that everyone except Sean Hannity and Rudy Giuliani is in business to make Donald Trump look bad? Does that even seem logical to you?

There’s an estimated 30,000 polling places in America, more than 1,600 in Philadelphia, alone. Even Donald Trump couldn’t organize a conspiracy large enough to steal a national election.

There’s over 2 million inmates in our prison systems across the country and at least half of those prisoners would be a better choice for president than Donald Trump. The man is a lying, opportunistic, narcissistic jackass. How it is that so many people have chosen not to see that may turn out to be the mystery of the 21st Century.

If Trump gets elected, there will be a lot to write about. I’m thinking of pitching an idea for a daily column called, “Today with President Jackass.”  Or “Still No Tax Returns, Day 472.”

Sadly, I may not be able to fly the Stars and Stripes on the flag pole outside my house for a while. If Trump gets elected, I’ll probably run the Maple Leaf up the pole and tell everyone I’m from Toronto. Eh?

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