Donald Trump flees Mexico as President Peña Nieto calls him a liar

Donald Trump flees Mexico as President Peña Nieto calls him a liar

The honeymoon is over and it may be one of the shortest ones on record.  Then again, Donny is no stranger to failed honeymoons.

Donald Trump’s first foray into international diplomacy ended with him being called a liar by the president of Mexico.  Trump’s plane hadn’t even cleared Mexican airspace before that contrived bit of stagecraft went straight down the toilet.

One can only wonder:  Was Trump in possession of his passport or is he now in this country illegally?

Enrique Peña Nieto is a corrupt little politician whose term as Mexico’s 57th president ends in 2018.  There is only one, six-year term for Mexican presidents, something that might serve our own nation better than Cinco de Mayo.

What the Peña Nieto-Trump charade was all about is anybody’s guess, but it seems that upside only existed for Don the Con.  For Peña Nieto, it might have been a job interview masquerading as statesmanship.

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is probably the only person less popular in Mexico than Peña Nieto, whose approval ratings hover in the low 20’s.

So unpopular is Trump in Mexico-his approval ratings are in the negative numbers-that he was not able to ride in a motorcade to his first international summit.  There were serious fears that his car would be fire bombed.

According to the Secret Service tasked with protecting Donny and initial reports from the Trump camp itself, this meeting came about at the last minute, decided upon Sunday night.

Of course, Donny’s camp now says that it had been planned for weeks.  Whichever, the Trumpeters-Trump surrogates-have spent all their credibility capital.

After running around the country for the past couple of weeks proclaiming that there will be no deportation force in a Trump administration, the carnival barker announced last night in Arizona that there will, indeed be a deportation task force, leaving his team holding their respective genitals in their hands.

Standing on the stage with Peña Nieto, Trump looked anything but presidential, not even statesmanlike.  The way he was babbling and pandering to Peña Nieto, Trump looked more like a guy who just got $10 Million for his startup from Google.

When asked about Mexico paying for the infamous Wall, Trump said that that discussion was for a later time.  He probably didn’t want to say that this little Mexican guy over here just bitch slapped me and sent me on my way.

When Trump disavowed (as in something he didn’t do with David Duke) any conversation about payment for the wall, Peña Nieto’s eyes widened and smoke came out of his ears.

Btw- I do not mean the smoke thing literally.  It’s just an expression.

As soon as he could get his tweeting thumbs working, Peña Nieto said that he told Trump at the outset of their meeting that Mexico would not be paying for any wall.

Maybe Trump didn’t hear him.  Maybe his interpreter got it wrong.  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe Peña Nieto is lying, as is usually the case when a politician speaks.

How, though would this foreign dignitary or the rest of the world categorize this meeting when just a few hours later Trump is on TV saying exactly the opposite of everything he said to Peña Nieto’s face and in the press conference?

This is not the kind of behavior that will garner respect for the United States or its president.

The takeaway here is that if this is any indication of the way Mr. Super Negotiator is going to transact the business of the United States around the world, we will be in deep doo doo.

Now, about Trump re-entering the U.S., exactly what is his status?  When it comes to Mexico, it seems to be both “All of the above” and “None of the above.”

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