Climate change deniers have earned their rightful place in history

Climate change deniers have earned their rightful place in history

August 2016 tied the record previously held by July 2016 as the hottest month ever recorded.  Usually, July is the hottest month of any year.

2016 will very likely be the hottest year since they first began keeping those records 137 years ago.

Nonetheless, come November and December, here in the Northern Hemisphere it will no doubt get cold.  Some cars left outdoors may not start.  There will be snowball fights, skiing in the mountains, snowmobiling in Northern Wisconsin and many, many a snowman decorated with charcoal eyes.

Hopefully, climate change deniers will soon ascend to their rightful place in history, along with other great thinkers, many of whom still believe that the Earth is flat and the center of the Universe.

Sometimes at night, just before I fall asleep I imagine that people will start to question why certain well-funded groups want them to question science, education and reality, in general.

I know it’s a fantasy of mine, but it makes me smile to think that it could happen and allows me to sleep at night.

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