Paul Ryan says Donald Trump will be a better Republican president than Hillary Clinton

Paul Ryan says Donald Trump will be a better Republican president than Hillary Clinton

Defending his endorsement of Donald Trump, Paul Ryan said that he (Trump) will be better for the Republican agenda than Hillary Clinton.  This stunning revelation came from the Speaker of the House, third in line for the presidency.

Has the bar for a Republican presidential candidate fallen so low that the benchmark for an endorsement is simply being more Republican than your Democratic opponent?

In Ryan’s defense, there is a certain logic to his reasoning.  Obviously, a Republican Congress would get more support for its agenda from a Republican president than it would from a Democratic president.

Or maybe not.

Mr. Trump (Don the Con) hasn’t yet shown any indication whatsoever that he plans to cooperate with members of the party he now calls his own.  It’s most likely that as president, he would feel that he needs them even less.

Then again, if Congress would just do its job instead of pledging at the beginning of a president’s term to obstruct any and all initiatives, they might be more productive under presidents of either political party.

Ryan’s like a guy with a peanut allergy who has to choose between a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  “Well, either one could make my tongue swell up and kill me, but what flavor jellies do you have?”

No matter how many boogers you pick off a shit sandwich, Mr. Speaker, there is no way to make it more palatable.

Joe Scarborough, former GOP representative from Florida (1995-2001) and host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe is the quintessential Conservative. He has acknowledged a personal relationship with Donald Trump to the extent where one of his children left a voice mail on Trump’s personal cell phone.

In 2011 Time Magazine name Scarborough as one of the 100 most influential people in America.  What I’m saying is, the man has credentials and a fair share of gravitas.

Joe Scarborough is neither endorsing nor supporting his friend and standard bearer of his party because the man (Donald Trump) is a racist.

As Scarborough asks, how can you support the man, no matter what his policies are, when you know he’s a racist?

Scarborough goes on to tell both Trump and Ryan that using Hillary Clinton as a weapon will not work.  He (Scarborogh) would rather see Hillary Clinton in the White House than help elect a racist.

Joe Scarborough is standing on his principles as an American and a human being, rather than follow the lemmings off the cliff in the name of “party unity.”

As he said, no one can hate Hillary Clinton that much.

On his show this morning, Scarborough demanded that Trump prove that he isn’t a racist.  That’s where I part ways with Morning Joe.

As Mike Barnicle pointed out to Scarborough, it really doesn’t matter what Trump says now.  No amount of apologizing can mitigate the things he has been saying for the past year.

Donald Trump has showed us who he is, it’s time to believe him.  He knows David Duke, he has the full support of the Ku Klux Klan and every other racist group in the country, including assholes like John McGraw.

You may remember McGraw as the old guy who blind sided a black man being escorted from one of Trump’s rallies.

We don’t know who he is, but we know he’s not acting like an American,” McGraw said. “The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.”

We know who Trump is and we know who his supporters are.

Besides being a racist, he is a jackass and a liar.  Trump said that Japan, Korea and Saudi Arabia should have nuclear weapons.

Later, even though video of those comments was flooding the internet, he said he didn’t say it.  Either he’s an idiot or he thinks you’re an idiot.

Either you’re attracted to his wealth, which you think will somehow rub off on you or he is the catharsis for all your racist feelings.  Just remember, though that some of us are able to decode his not-so-subtle catch phrases.

When Trump says, “Make America Great Again,” he means Make America White Again.

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