Obamacare, death panels and the duplicity of 3 lying bitches: Part 2

Obamacare, death panels and the duplicity of 3 lying bitches: Part 2
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When we left our villainess yesterday, it looked like she’d been discredited, discarded and hauled off to the great junk heap of liars.  In case you missed all that excitement, you can read Part 1 by clicking HERE.

This particular villainess was one Betsy McCaughey (pronounced “McCoy,” like “Dr. McCoy”  in Star Trek).

Ms. McCaughey was the subject of a 1995 Atlantic article entitled, “A Triumph of Misinformation.”  She was also the subject of a 2009 article in The Daily Beast entitled, “The Woman Who Killed Health Care.”

Today we start in 2009 and introduce two more villainesses who were complicit in Ms. McCaughey’s duplicity , only this time the target was Obamacare, not Hillarycare.  As alluded to in yesterday’s spoiler alert, those two were Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman.

By the time the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) but commonly refereed to as Obamacare – was ready to be passed around Capital Hill for consideration, it stretched out to almost 2,000 pages.

In it’s final version, signed into law on March 23, 2010, the bill exploded to about 2,700 pages, with another 25,000 pages of regulations expected to follow.

It’s a lot of reading and our congressional leaders are slow readers.  Actually, they don’t read anything, that’s what their oversized and overpaid staff is supposed to do.

In reality, they all rely on paid lobbyists to read and interpret proposed legislation for them.  What could go wrong?

Re-enter Betsy McCaughey, who saw an opening for herself to once again pounce on health care reform.  This time, she found a receptive audience in a well-funded health care lobby and the recalcitrantParty of No”.

Appearing on Fred Thompson’s radio show (yes, the Fred Thompson from Law and Order), Ms. McCaughey blasted the evil she said was buried deep within the tome of Obamacare.

According to Ms. McCaughey, if Obamacare became law, the government would take charge of everyone’s health care.  People would no longer be able to make decisions regarding their own medical treatment.

Even worse, elderly and sick people would have to sit in front of a government panel that would be in charge of deciding their fates.  This could include the withholding of medical treatment and even basic nutrition.

Ms. McCaughey stopped short of saying that old people would be ground up and turned into food, like in the movie Soylent Green,  but she was painting a very frightful picture, nonetheless.

Lucky for us, all of what Ms. McCaughey was saying were either gross distortions or complete lies.

Here’s the interesting part, though.  McCaughey’s claims had been debunked, disproved and discredited BEFORE she appeared on The Fred Thompson Show.  So much for their fact checking.

Hearing McCaughey’s debunked, disproved and discredited claims, Congressdouche Michele Bachman (R-MN) put together her own little binder of misinformation and took it down to the floor of the House of Representatives.

Once there, Bachman (who, with her husband ran a clinic to cure homosexuality) blasted the proposed Affordable Care Act, quoting extensively from McCaughey’s radio interview.

In her hysteria, Bachman would say that Obamacare will come to be called “Deathcare.”  You can read some of Bachman’s verbal regurgitations by clicking HERE and HERE.

McCaughey blatantly lied on the radio.  Bachman sucked down the lies and brought them to the floor of Congress, where they took root.  Could things get worse?

Sarah Palin, one time vice presidential candidate and full time punch line heard Bachman’s ruckus on the floor of the House and ran with it.  Being astute in the ways of demagoguery however, Palin put a name on the worst of McCaughey’s lies.

Palin called the imaginary panel of life-ending bureaucrats  “death panels” (like double-0 agents in James Bond movies).

You can bet that 37% of Americans still believe in death panels.  It’s the same 37% who think that President Barack Obama is not an American and that George W. Bush was a great president.  They also think that Mexico is going to pay for a 700-mile wall and that climate change is a conspiracy among solar panel manufacturers.

Everyone knows that it’s the solar panel manufacturers who have the deep pockets and the most fire power of any of the paid lobbyists in Washington.

So, what’s the meaning of all this?

Just remember that one side actually wants to get stuff done, while the other is willing to pay people to make up crazy shit to cause just enough confusion to get nothing done.

It’s up to you to figure out which side is which and which side is really on your side.  Like they say on the cop shows, follow the money.

It’s generally only one side that reaps the rewards of subterfuge and someone, like a cigarette manufacturer is paying for that subterfuge.

If you didn’t get a chance to do it yesterday, but want to check out Jon Stewart’s 2009 interview with Betsy McCaughey click HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2.

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