Obamacare, death panels and the duplicity of 3 lying bitches

Obamacare, death panels and the duplicity of 3 lying bitches
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The 3 lying bitches about whom we’re going to chat are, as you might suspect women.  That they are women is not why they are being referred to as bitches.

We can all be a bit bitchy from time to time, men notwithstanding.  You can probably name at least a couple of men you know who are bitches all of the time.  The point is, to qualify as a bitch one need not be female and no female need take offense that I am referring to 3 of their gender as bitches.

Duplicity defined here.

We start this little diatribe with the woman in the featured image, Betsy McCaughey.  Ms. McCaughey (pronounced “McCoy,” like Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy) may be the most major player in American politics that you’ve never heard of.

Don’t feel bad, she didn’t attract my attention until 2009, and only then because I saw her on the Daily Show.

Click HERE if you want to see Part 2 of that interview, although it may cause nausea.

The other two females referred to herein may or may not have known that they were lying, but McCaughey most certainly did.  More on the other two later.

Our story starts back in 1993, 5 days after President Bill Clinton’s inauguration, when he appointed his wife, Hillary to head up a committee on health care reform.  The resulting bill died in Congress, but sides had been drawn up for the coming struggle and the failed measure would forever be known as “Hillarycare.

Hillarycare wasn’t perfect, it had its share of problems, including some intimidating mandates which few seemed to understand.  One thing that it could have done that Obamacare fails to do is reign in the insurance companies.

That’s no big surprise either, because in today’s lobby-driven legislative process, insurance company lobbyists and their staffers wrote major parts of the Affordable Care Act.

One of the main problems with Hillarycare, though was not the content, but the way that it was explained to the American people and their representatives.  More to the point, it was the lack of cogent explanations that ultimately lead to the bill’s demise.

No one reads a thousand-page bill, at least none of our elected officials.

As the saying goes, nature abhors a vaccum.  In the absence of real information, anybody can say anything and they usually do.  By 1993 lying and distorting facts had become an industry and no one was a greater disciple of misinformation than Elisabeth “Betsy” McCaughey.

If you watched the Daily Show interviews, you may have noticed that McCaughey walks around with a giant binder held in front of her with both arms.  It reminds me of Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women.

McCaughey’s binder makes it look like she knows what she’s doing, that she’s carrying around all the information anyone would need to understand what she’s saying.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a Republican operative, McCaughey’s job was to discredit Hillary Clinton.  All she had to do was cause enough confusion to put the kabash on Hillarycare.  Her main tactic was to exaggerate the cost to American families to get them all riled up and have them write letters to their Congressmen.

The General Accounting Office determined that Hillarycare could have cost American families up to $300 per year, but it would have provided coverage to all Americans.  Of course, when McCaughey told it, she upped that cost to $3,000 per year (a magnitude of 10) and, since no one had read the bill, they believed her.

Falling down on their fact checking responsibilities, even respected news sources like Atlantic Magazine ran with the story.

By the time the facts were checked and McCaughey was discredited, it was too late.  The seeds of doubt were planted.

Retractions were made, apologies were offered and McCaughey was banished to obscurity.  Or so we thought.

Tomorrow:  McCaughey’s comeback and her accomplices. (Spoiler alert:  Bachman and Palin)

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