All you need to know about Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump

All you need to know about Hillary Clinton v. Donald Trump

This is all you need to know about a presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Not the picture up there, silly, the stuff down below.  It is so important that I’m going to say it again:

This is all you need to know about a presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

If you didn’t happen to catch Hillary Clinton’s attack on Donald Trump Thursday, you owe it to yourself to catch up on it.

Even if you’re the most fervent supporter of Donald Trump, you should still take a few minutes to see what everyone’s talking about.  It might not shed any light into your dark corner of the world, but how bad could it be to listen to something other than Fox News for a couple of minutes?

You can see a couple minutes of that speech by clicking HERE.

Now here’s what you need to know.  After her speech, not even Donald Trump tried to refute anything that Mrs. Clinton said.  He just replied with his usual name calling and mocking, pretty much verifying exactly what Mrs. Clinton said, that he is an idiot incapable of cogent thoughts or rational behavior.

Most telling though, is the fact that not one single Republican came out and defended Donald Trump.  No one took exception with anything that Mrs. Clinton said, no one defended what most of them laughing call Trump’s foreign policy.

A couple of Trump’s surrogates came out and attacked Mrs. Clinton with the same old same old same old.  It’s mostly a load of crap.

You may hate Hillary Clinton and I’m sure you have your reasons.

It doesn’t matter, though what you THINK you know about Benghazi.  It doesn’t matter what you THINK you know about Mrs. Clinton’s private email account, Bill’s past indiscretions, Whitewater or anything else.

None of that stuff is going to affect YOU.  None of that stuff is going to affect your children.  None of that stuff is going to affect your grandchildren.

Even if you hate her policies, Hillary Clinton is qualified to be Commander in Chief.

If Donald Trump was the guy in charge, there is no limit to the amount of damage he could do in the blink of an eye.  Whether he has $8 Billion or $8 Trillion, he is not a stable character.

I get it, you like Trump. He tells it like it is.  Except that he doesn’t.

Just about everything that he said or promised from June of 2015 to January of 2016, he has already either walked back or completely reversed himself on.

He can’t block Muslims from entering this country, so get that out of your mind.  It can never happen.

There will be no wall, no matter who you think should pay for it.  It’s a fantasy and a stupid one, at that.

Trump University was a fraud and con job and so is the man for whom it was named.  If that’s what you want as your national leader, you know where to cast your vote.

I can tell immediately if someone is trying to talk like he knows all about motorcycles.  You should be able to tell if someone is talking like he’s a Christian when he’s really not.

Obviously, I don’t care about that.  I don’t care if Trump is really more pro-choice than he is pro-life.

He’s all NRA now, but after the Sandy Hook shooting, he said that President Obama was speaking for him on gun control.

In 2012 he said that Hillary Clinton was a great Secretary of State.  Now he wants you to believe that he only said that because he was a “businessman.”  He says he always heaped praise on politicians because that’s what businessmen do.

Except that he created a “scandal” where none existed and picked a gratuitous fight with the President of the United States.

So where’s all that evidence that he said his “team” uncovered about President Obama’s nefarious birth?  Is he waiting until the IRS finishes his audit to show us that, too?

This isn’t about Left versus Right, Conservative versus Liberal or even Democrat versus Republican.  I have no issues with Trump’s policies because I don’t know what they are and neither does he.

Donald Trump is a persuader, a master manipulator.  His spiel evolves as his audience reacts.  He’s the P.T. Barnum of the Twitter age.

When it comes time to pull that lever or circle that letter or punch that chad come November, take a moment.  Think about your children.  Think about their children.

There’s only one candidate with a greater than 50% probability of plunging this world into a nuclear war, or causing a second Depression with a trade war.

You could make the case that nuclear winter would put the brakes on global warming.  But no, Don the Con, the country will not die if you are not elected.    We’ve survived this long without you, we’ll be fine when you’re back on TV.

As an aside, if anyone reading this is a judge of German or Arabic heritage, please recuse yourself if I ever appear before you as a defendant.

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