Donald Trump, alphabetically speaking

Donald Trump, alphabetically speaking

This is just a little word play.  Following the GOP presumptive nominee’s lead, I tried to think of disparaging descriptives like, “lying Ted,” “little Marco” and “crooked Hillary.”

My goal was to come up with 3 words for each letter of the alphabet which might apply to Don the Con.  It’s meant to be funny, but there is often truth in humor.

I came up a little short with the “X” – maybe you can do better.  If nothing else, it might help out with your next game of Scrabble.  Think of it as a vocabulary builder.

A – Asshole, abhorrent, abrasive
B – Boor, bully, barbaric
C – Calamity, clod, clown, cretin
D – Disaster, dumb, dirtball.
E – Excrement, egotistical, egregious
F – Fraud, fatuous, feckless
G – Goofy, ghastly, gibberish
H – Hair.  Need I say more
I – Ineligible, intolerant, ignoramus, imbecile
J – Jerk, jackass, jingoist
K – Ku Klux Klan, kook, knave
L – Loser, lightweight, lamebrain
M – Meathead, monster, misanthrope, miscreant
N – Nitwit, nadir, narcissist, nauseating
O – Orange, obtuse, odious
P – Prick, perilous, pernicious
Q – Quack, queer, quixotic
R – Racist, racist and racist
S – Schmuck, shithead, simian
T – Tool, taint, tawdry
U – Unconscionable, unprincipled, unruly, unsavory, unseemly, unsightly, unstable, unethical
V – Vacuous, vainglorious, venal
W – Wangle, wayward, wily
X – Xenophobe, xxxaggerate (exaggerate by 3 times), X-man (that was a stretch)
Y – Yahoo (not the search engine), yokel, yuck
Z – Zit, zany, zealot

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