Lots of people are saying that Donald Trump is a stupid, lying, manipulative, narcissistic, crooked tax cheat

Lots of people are saying that Donald Trump is a stupid, lying, manipulative, narcissistic, crooked tax cheat
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Donald Trump is a lot of things and all of the above may be true.  I’m not saying they are, but people have said them.

Personally, I kind of like Donny.  He’s funny.  Sometimes.

As a presidential candidate, it would be refreshing to hear one substantive policy from him.  Or something cohesive that doesn’t include the words, “disaster,” “disgrace” or “horrible.”  Then again, nobody’s perfect.

To be perfectly clear though, I like Donny for what he is, a showman.  I like him as a bon vivant, a playboy billionaire and a reality TV personality.

As Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces however, I believe that Donny would present a clear and present danger.  To us and to those who share the planet with us.

It’s a little amusing when he brings up some ridiculous smear about an opponent and then says that he would never bring it up.  Except that he just did.

An example of that cheeky little smear tactic is when he tried to link Ted Cruz’s father to the plot to kill JFK.  I’m no Cruz fan and I like his father even less, but c’mon.  Get real.

Trump’s lies, half-truths, innuendos and exaggerations got so bad that most fact checking organizations, including Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact just gave up checking.  It turns out, it doesn’t really matter.

Trump supporters don’t care if he’s lying and they don’t care if he releases his tax returns.  They don’t even care if he shoots people on 5th Avenue.  They’re convinced that he’s going to make America great and they don’t care that it’s only a bumper sticker and a baseball cap.

If you say that you like what Trump stands for, you should think about the fact that he’s already walked back just about everything he said from June of 2015 through January of 2016.

In other words, he’s already admitted that all that crap that was exploding out of his mouth was just an opening salvo, a place to begin negotiations.

The man believes in nothing but self aggrandizement.

Most Trump supporters don’t even realize that if he puts a 35% tariff on Chinese imports, THEY’RE the ones who are going to pay that tariff.  All the Made-in-China stuff they’ve been buying (including Donald J. Trump shirts) will suddenly cost 35% more.

As is so often the case, the casualties of any trade war started by what some call a no-nothing buffoon will be the very people who put him into office.  That is what you call bitter irony.

A trade war with China and/or Mexico could do more damage to the American economy that any housing bubble.  If Trump wants to restore American jobs, he can start by insisting that all his branded stuff be made here in the U.S of A.

Ann Coulter told Chris Matthews that she believes Trump’s stated reason for not releasing his tax returns, that he is being audited.  She rationalized that if he releases his tax returns, tax attorneys looking to hurt him would volunteer to do pro bono work to help the IRS persecute him.

Ted Cruz’s dad being BFFs with Lee Harvey Oswald is more plausible.

Trump says we’re losers because we keep 38,000 troops in South Korea without getting paid for keeping them there.  The truth is, most of the places we have troops accommodate us in some way and it is generally cheaper to keep our troops on those foreign bases than to house them here at home.

Just add that to the list of things that Trump doesn’t know.  Of course, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.  It’ll only hurt us, but you know what they say.

You only hurt the ones you love.

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