Never Trump could be short for never loan Trump money

Never Trump could be short for never loan Trump money

The Never Trump movement is dead, for now.  The next opportunity to prevent Donald Trump from having his twitchy finger on the nuclear button will be on November 8, when the rubber hits the road.

Republican voters are going to have to decide if they hate Hillary enough to risk Trump Jong-un running the most powerful military machine in human history.

Never Trump though, could take on an entirely new meaning if, dare I say it, Mr. T becomes President T.  That which we hold most sacred, our credit rating could be the real casualty of a Trump presidency.

We seem to accept that being rich is credential enough to shape the U.S. economy.  Any and every economist would assure you that it is not.

The only similarity between running a business and running a country is that your bad decisions could bring disaster to everyone around you.  Everyone but you.

Paul Krugman is a world-renowned, Nobel prize winning economist.  His accomplishments and credentials are too numerous to list here, but you can check some of them out here.

In yesterday’s edition of the New York Times, Krugman describes in easily understandable detail how Donald Trump’s monumental ignorance on the subject of international finance could topple the world economy.  You can read about that here.

On an ethical note, it appears to me that Donald Trump has never entered into a contract that he did not intend to breach  at some point down the road.  He seems to borrow money with the intent to find a way to finagle his way out of paying his debt, as agreed upon, in full.

Here in Chicago, Trump tried to wiggle out of a $40 Million payment to Deutsche Bank, implying that the recession of 2008 was an “Act of God.”

Astonishingly, or maybe predictably, Trump would offer no such leniency to people committed to buying condos in his little Trump Tower.  It’s an interesting insight into the workings of a narcissistic mind.

He is a renowned and self-proclaimed “player,” yet he blames Hillary for Bill’s indiscretions.  He threatened to run as an independent, yet calls Jeb Bush dishonorable for not supporting him.

Sometimes you have to wonder who is best described by Trump’s three favorite words; horrible, disgraceful and disaster.

As for his notorious bankruptcies, The Donald wears those as a badge of honor.  According to Trump, that’s how the biggest businesses in America work.

More to the point, it would be the biggest, mismanaged businesses.



It’s true that Donald’s bankrupt companies got great deals from the banks.  Big borrowers like Trump are often seen as too-big-to-fail clients.  One of the big banks’ many virtues.  If it was you or me in that kind of trouble, we’d be screwed.

What Trump fails to mention is that his businesses run for the shelter of Chapter 11 because of bad deals and mismanagement.

If you’re a Trump supporter and you managed to make it this far, I apologize for heaping reality onto your fact resistant bubble.

You might want to consider, though that banks will always line up to loan Trump, the businessman money.  It’s just the way they work.

If, however President Trump tries to wiggle out of U.S. debt, it will cause a tremor in the world economy that will do irreparable damage to your children’s future.

Lenders like China will demand much higher rates of return on any investments they make in America.  Our national debt will go up and a lot faster than any wall you think he’s going to build.

It’s one thing if no one wants to loan money to Donald Trump.  It’s quite another if they don’t want to loan money to his country.

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