Comments, opinions and other great thoughts

Comments, opinions and other great thoughts

It turns out that everyone is not entitled to an opinion.

Reading comments posted on the internet often leaves me scratching my head.  Sometimes they are insightful, clever or humorous, but not usually.

A fellow named, Felix Christopher posted the following comment after an article by Dennis Byrne entitled, “Where does Donald Trump stand on abortion?

“Thank you for your article! It touches my heart deeply because I have recently went through something similar case of Bogdan .About 3 years ago my wife left me and 2 of our kids for 3years to another man. During this years of our separation I was so broken, so I finally read Bogdans comment on the internet who directed me to a spell caster Dr. Alex who helps in reuniting family again. After the casting of the love spell, My Ex-wife callled me yesterday begging me to take her back, Dr. Alex has restored our marriage in a way I have NEVER expected, but I’m truly Thankful!”

It’s hard to tell if Mr. Christopher is a semi-literate idiot who believes in spell casters or if Dr. Alex uses the name to promote his services.  I suspect the latter and he might even do quite well.  There’s a lot of folks out there living in states of suspended disbelief.  Either way, his comment had nothing to do with Donald Trump or abortion..

For the record, I have never before heard of anyone in real life actually called a “spell caster.”

Mindless opinions are often expressed in butchered English, while other postings are there to promote one of the miracles offered to you by complete strangers.

Regularly posted comments on my blog site include offers of great riches for those eager and able to sit at home and do nothing but rake in the cash.

I recently posted a blog about Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia entitled,  “Antonin Scalia was a great Supreme Court justice and I don’t know why I keep smirking when I think of his empty chair draped in black.”  You can read that by clicking here, if you like.

As you can guess, it wasn’t one of those he-was-a-jolly-good-fellow kind of eulogies that seem to write themselves post mortem.

In response to that blog, Thomas Connelly wrote the following:

Keep drinking the Kool Aid of the left. Marx and Lenin. Every socialist/communist experiment caused the genocide of millions.”

Clearly, Mr. Connelly is angry about something.  I have no idea what it is and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that he doesn’t, either.  I may have an idea about which celebrity-candidate’s name appears on Connelly’s car bumper, though.

The thing about Mr. Connelly’s comment that has me scratching my head is that I can’t figure out how it applies to any part of my Scalia blog.

I did, however compliment Connelly on his ability to squeeze the words “Kool Aid (sic), Marx, Lenin, socialism/communism (sic)” and “genocide“into such a short, disjointed amalgam of gibberish.

At some point in our culture we became enamored of the saying, “There are no stupid questions.”  That was the beginning of the movement that led to no score-keeping at kids’ sporting events and trophies for everyone who shows up.

I am sorry to tell you that there are, indeed stupid questions.  Some things are so basic that if you don’t know them, you shouldn’t advertise it.

The worst questions are the ones people ask only to showcase their own knowledge.

Somewhere around 1982 I was on a tour of the pyramids in Egypt.  Included in that group was a guy named Paul, who had an incredibly irritating habit of asking the tour guide bizarre questions to which only he, Paul had the very obscure answers.

It wasn’t bad enough having to endure the heat and stifling claustrophobia of those wretched tombs, we had to endure Paul’s inanity.  As you might suspect, a plan to gag, hog tie and leave Paul in one of those vaults was discussed, but never carried out.

I have another story about Paul (several, actually), but I’ll save those for another time.  I don’t want you to think he was a complete jerk.  Which he was.

Let’s just leave it that not everyone should be allowed to ask questions, nor is everyone qualified to express an opinion.  Then, again, that’s just my opinion.

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