Ben Carson says, "Don't believe what your eyes and ears tell you about Donald Trump, believe me"

Ben Carson says, "Don't believe what your eyes and ears tell you about Donald Trump, believe me"

Ben Carson said in a press conference yesterday that there are two Donald Trumps. In other words, if you vote for Mr. Hyde, you get Dr. Jekyll as a bonus.

In case you don’t remember, Hyde is the monster, Jekyll the good doctor.

According to Carson, Trump is not the boorish, racist, egomaniac whipping a “poorly educated,” underemployed mob into a Ku Klux Clan-like frenzy that we see on TV.  According to Carson, Mr. Trump is cerebral, soft-spoken and introspective.

The brain-dead brain surgeon has had some sort of epiphany or revelation in the last couple of weeks.  Seems like only yesterday that Carson called Trump a well-dressed psychopath.

It’s not clear if he meant that as a medical opinion or if was just voicing one his many insane theories, like the one about the pyramids being used as grain silos.

The point is not that Ben Carson is whacked, that’s a given.  How is it, though that he’s willing and able to do a complete 180 and endorse a guy who he had been vilifying as dangerous just a couple weeks ago?  Did his Jesus portrait talk him to?


In his defense, Carson isn’t the only one willing to back a Mussolini wannabe.

While many in the Republican party have said that they would not support Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, all of Trump’s chief rivals for the position are towing the party line.

They’ve called him a con man, a liar, a fraud, even a liberal.  Can you imagine that, a Republican presidential hopeful being called a liberal?

After weeks of bashing Trump as the Antichrist, which may not be as far fetched as it sounds, Cruz, Rubio and Kasich all said that they would back him if he gets the GOP nomination.  How does that make any sense?

Does their ideology Trump the safety  and well being of every man, woman and child on Earth?

In the final analysis, it may well be that Ben Carson is correct, there are two Donald Trumps.  One who appeals to racists and one who appeals to those whose ability to think critically has been severely compromised.

It would serve them all right if both of those Trumps got nominated and won the general election in November.  After all, you should get the government you deserve.

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